Drug Dealer Simulator – Beginners Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know if you want to be a pro drug dealer.

General Tips & Tricks

Note: Credit goes to Styx

  • Save your game before you leave your house EVERY time.
  • You can fill the bags with drugs or money then throw it on the ground and grab another back and fill that one too. Then pick up the first bag and carry a ton of stuff.
  • Duffle bags are your best friends.
  • DO NOT CHECK your back account with the ATM.
  • Make sure to keep your own dealer paid off.
  • Dont even bother ranking up the Illusionist skill. Are you really going to stop for a cop if you have drugs on you?
  • Manhole covers = You can go through the manhole covers without a backpack on. Pockets skill helps here.
  • Police hours are from 21:00 to 7:00

Drug Slangs – How a Street Named the Drugs

This is alternative names of drugs in Drug Dealer Simulator.

  • Marihuana: Weed, Ganja, Grass, MJ (Marry Jane).
  • Amphetamine: Fet, Amp, Speed.
  • Ecstasy: Candy, MDMA.
  • Crystal Meth: Meth, Crystal.
  • Cocaine: Coke, Snow, Collombian.
  • Heroine: China White, Hero.

Unlocking Through the Levels

  • LVL 3 = Graffity, Free Samples, East Old Town.
  • LVL 4 = ATM, Old Marketplace.
  • LVL 5 = You can hire own Dealers.
  • LVL 6 = Ecstasy, Emma Broadus´ store in Old Marketplace, Stike.
  • LVL 7 = Real Estate available
  • LVL 8 = Kennel, Eastern Slums
  • LVL 9 = Two Towers
  • LVL 10 = Crystal Meth, Cash Laundering unlocks, Access to the Sector B, Supermarket
  • LVL 12 = Downtown
  • LVL 13 = Drug store open
  • LVL 15 = West Deadtown
  • LVL 16 = Cocaine
  • LVL 18 = Mid Deadtown
  • LVL 20 = Heroine, East Deadtown
  • LVL 22 = Night Club
  • LVL 25 = Fentanyl

The Cops – DEA

  • The easiest way to escape the police is to escape to the main apartment.
  • If you are in chase with Cops, drop the backpack with your drugs on the ground. Nobody will take it.
  • The less your weight is, the faster you run.
  • Every time you cross the checkpoint, the police search you.
  • DEA attention is increased by performing your business during the day. Making sales, giving samples, delivering to your dealers will all increase these values. To bring them down again, wait until night and then do your tasks during that time.
  • My main apartment have never been raided, but the other hideouts have been. That means your main apartment is safer! A raided hideout will be totally empty.

Mixing Your Drugs – How to Get Easy Money!

Item list:

  • Mixing Tray A very basic equipment for mixing substances
  • Simple mortar
  • Large Jar
  • Medium Jar A medium sized jar for holding substances
  • Small Jar A small jar for holding substances
  • Small Backpack A small sized red backpack.
  • Medium Backpack Medium sized backpack.
  • Large Backpack
  • Duffle Bag
  • Can of Spray Paint
  • Elegant Suitcase
  • Metal Container
  • Large Flask Large fluid mixer with good precision, capable of holding up to 150g
  • Small Dryer Dryers transform wet substances and mixes into dry form, which can be later put into a mill and further processed
  • Large Dryer Dryers transform wet substances and mixes into dry form, which can be later put into a mill and further processed
  • Small Liquid Tray A small liquid tray used to mix liquids or soak solids using solvents. Holds 15g
  • Large Liquid Tray A larger liquid tray used to mix liquids or soak solids using solvents. Holds 40g
  • Coffee Mill Mills transform any dry substance type besides dried plany (granule, crystal etc.) Into powder. Useful when you need to add a non-powered substance to a mix.
  • Small electric Mixer Small electric lab mixer. Holds up to 150g. Mixers are used to mix multiple substances into one.
  • Large lab Mixer Large high-precission lab mixer. Can hold up to 300g. Mixers are used to mix multiple substances into one.
  • Lab Crystaliser High precision, high capacity lab crystaliser. The crystaliser transforms liquid solutions of various substances into crystal form.
  • Pill Machine The pill machine consumes dry and powered substances or mixes and produces pills out of them.


  • Baking soda – Can be purchased in Gas Station
  • Washing Powder – Can be purchased in Gas Station
  • Ibuprofen pills – Can be purchased in Gas Station and in Drug Store (better quality)
  • Acethone Bottle – Can be purchased in Gas Station
  • Salt – Can be purchased in Gas Station
  • Sugar – Can be purchased in Gas Station
  • Paracetamol – Can be purchased in Drug Store
  • Viagra – Can be purchased in Drug Store
  • Nebilanex – Can be purchased in Drug Store
  • Fentanyl – Can be purchased via Eddie

Known recipes that seem to work well!

  • BluAmp10g Amp + 2g sugar + 1g Ibuprofen.

    Makes a good early game mix that helps get you your first regular clients and won’t cause any issues, while also getting you some extra grams out of your products. I still use this recipe in the game; there are greedier recipes out there but they carry more risk.

  • CoCo22g Cocaine + 2.5g Ibuprofen + 5g sugar.

    A decent cocaine mix that can probably be bested by something else but uses stuff you can get in the early-game. You’ll want to improve to something else when you can — but you can always fall back to this if you need to make something while low on cash or the later-game ingredients.

  • SaltyC100g Cocaine + 1g Fentanyl + 1.5g Baking Soda + 7.5g Viagra.

    A pretty strong and addicting mix taking advantage of ingredients you find a bit later in the game — it is quite profitable and stretches well. In testing I had only one overdose but I also sold A LOT of it. If you encounter major issues make sure to comment, but this seems like a really good mix so far!

  • MethBang16g Meth + 1g Fentanyl + 3g Viagra.

    An improved mid-to-late game meth mix using improved mixing agents. Works wonders for getting addicted clients!

  • Add-Co. (Use before Gen-Co.)10g Cocaine + 4g Viagra + 1g Fentanyl.

    A coke mix for helping cause addictions (hence the “Add(iction)”Co.). Use the recipe below this for already addicted persons.

  • Gen-Co. (Use after Add-Co. does its thing)10.25g Cocaine + 2.25g Crystal Meth + 1g Sugar + 1.5g Heroin.

    This is a unique mix that results in a less toxic and less dangerous product than what is listed directly above. Use this on clients which already are addicts so that they are less likely to overdose. (Hence the “Gen(eral)”-Co.)

  • SweetAmp (Use when upgrading from BluAmp)10g Amp + 1.5g Sugar + 1g Viagra

    A step-up in the game over BluAmp that still uses early game ingredients. Should be migrated to when you can get the Viagra for better addiction over BluAmp. As always, with stronger ingredients comes a greater chance for overdoses, so don’t be afraid to use BluAmp for your addicts to keep them alive longer as they don’t need the extra addictive properties.

  • GreenAmp (Use late-game from Blu and/or SweetAmp)100g Amp + 2g Fentanyl + 2g Viagra + 1g Sugar.

    A stronger LATE GAME Amp mixture compared to BluAmp and SweetAmp that also uses more end-game ingredients, and so named because the mixture results in an increase from the base addictiveness by 420%. The mix contains Fentanyl and as with all mixed which do use caution when selling this to addicts as they will have a higher chance to overdose because they use more stuff faster, and thus more dangerously. Compared to other stuff (like Crystal Palace which requires you to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER BASE) this is a lot safer though.

  • Granny’s AshesIn a FLASK: 1g Acetone + 100g Cocaine + 10g Crystal Meth + 10g Viagra + 10g Baking Soda

    Combine the ingredients -> Dry the ingredients -> Grind the ingredients -> Package
    A strong and very addicting mixture that has a lower toxic level as it does not use Fentanyl. If you are selling to addicts you may want to increase your baking soda to what your equipment allows you to work with. Need to know your customers and remember there are no 100% safe-from-OD mixes and there’s an RNG element in play there.
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