Drug Dealer Simulator – End Game Money Guide

Quick Guide to End Game Money Grind

Start by setting up labs for marijuana, cocaine, and another drug of your choice. Keep some dealers who sell your main drug. For the marijuana lab, use the Old Market Store. It’s near the Psychadelics gang area. You can also grow your own marijuana to make money faster. Use Stink for storing marijuana. It’s close to the Psychadelics gang base and the market.

To make money, pick one drug to sell. Set its price to 900 dollars per gram. Wait for buyers to contact you. The high price is okay. You’ll get fewer sales, but they’ll be worth more. Make sure you have a lab for this drug so you don’t run out. Set other drug prices to 1 dollar and don’t sell them. Give your dealers the high-priced drug to sell.

While waiting, you can buy beds, paintings, plants, or lamps to pass time faster. You can also look through trash. Water your marijuana plants to sell them. Watch for cocaine drops, which can give you 20,000 dollars each time. Upgrade your laundry first to clean more money. You need clean money for upgrades and buying a villa. Keep some money to put in the safe so your labs can make drugs.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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