Drug Dealer Simulator – How to Never Lose Drugs when Caught in a Police Chase

I so far haven’t seen any guide talking about this cool trick to never lose your drugs to cops ever again. So i have made this guide in the hopes of saving drug dealers supplies when out in the streets!

How to Never Lose Drugs when Caught in a Police Chase (Backpack Required)

Note: Credit goes to AngerRanger

When you have a backpack full of your drugs and you get caught by the police because you didn’t want them to search you. Well once you start getting tazed, hold B and you will drop your backpack on the ground. You will however have to run back to the exact location that you dropped your backpack to get it back.

I hope you liked this cool trick and I hope it saved my fellow drug dealers some money!

Here’s a Youtube video to show you what I am talking about.

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