Duck Game – How to Cheat the XP System

As the title says, this is basically a “how to get XP fast if I don’t want to play against other people and nobody is online anyways” guide.

What You Need

  • A custom map you made yourself with at least 2 spawns
  • Access to upload to the Steam Workshop

How to Do It

First, enter the editor from your main menu. If you haven’t created a map yet, just lay down some blocks, a gun, and some duck spawns. Save, and then open your menu and click on the Steam Icon. Fill in the title if it’s not there and click publish. It will need you to go through a deathmatch against 1-3 other ducks that stand still. Kill them all. Then when prompted to publish, click “cancel”. To repeat, simply click the small Publish button again from the edit title screen. When you’re finished, open the menu, exit from the editor, and enjoy your loot.

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