Due Process – Gameplay Tips

This guide is a few rules and tips on how to play the game!


  • Don’t kill your team after a round is won, they still lose their items. HOWEVER, if its the last round and you have confirmed this, go ahead.
  • Be part of the planning, they might always need to look through a entrance another way.
  • Conserve ammo. If you need to reload to a full mag but your previous mag had ammo, pick it back up unless your still in a fight.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the game, it will help you if your new.
  • Always stay calm, if you don’t your hand can shake and hurt your aim.
  • If you are on defense and a teammate made a bad molly throw, look around you for a fire extinguisher, they are usable and helpful on either side of the fight.
  • Don’t run outside has defender. Period. Not even leaving for 3 seconds will save you from the UAV.
  • Don’t take the long range rifles in a CQB area, all it will do is cripple your aim and you will get blasted with a SMG or Shotgun. This also means in a CQB area you should go with a SMG or Shotgun. However, if your a god with the rifle and can actually do it go ahead but no promises.
  • When on attack, don’t use wall charges in stupid places.

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