Due Process – How to Breach

This is a guide on the basics of breaching! It even includes the tactics of breaching!

Wall Breaching

  • To breach a wall, you and your team need to find a strategic place to make hole.
  • When your team is done planning, grab a wall charge and a clacker.
  • Find a wall that can be blown up, place the charge.
  • Engage the clacker and enjoy!

Door Breaching

  • Find a door that cant be open by normal means (Red doors) and plan how you should enter.
  • After planning phase is done for you, grab a door charge and a clacker.
  • Have your team on both sides of the door, and have the teammate across from you have a flash ready.
  • Have your teammates back up, then engage the clacker.
  • Other teammate throws the flash, once it bangs, enter.

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