Dying Light 2 – All Safe Codes

Already took your first steps in the world of Dying Light 2? Explore awhile around the interiors of Villedor and you’ll see quite a few safes cropping up here and there. To make things easier, in this guide you’ll find the safe codes you need in Dying Light 2.

Safe Codes Guide

Welcome to this quick guide for finding the codes for the safes, which can be found in the game, more easily so you won’t be using your time trying to solve riddles or mathemical problems, and will be using it to explore the Villedor further instead.

List of the Safe Codes:

  • Bazaar Church Safe Code [Trinity]: 5-1-0
  • “Out Of Your League” Crocodile Flats Safe Code [Houndfield]: 11-11-19
  • Bandit Camp Safe Code [Downtown]: 3-1-3
  • US Declaration of Independence Safe Code [Downtown]: 74-17-76
  • “The First Biomarker” Safe Code [Houndfield]: 9-7-3
  • South Quarry End Safe Code [Quarry End]: 22-67-66
  • Nightrunner Hideout Safe Code [Houndfield]: 1-0-1
  • “Treasure Hunt” Safe Code [Muddy Grounds]: 3-21-67
  • Dark Hollow Safe Code [Saint Paul Island]: 9-8-7
  • “Book Club X” Safe Code [Houndfield]: 21-12-55
  • “Little Boy” Safe Code [New Dawn Park]: 10-28-64
  • Electrical Station Safe Code [Garrison]: 3-1-4
  • VNC Tower Safe Code [Garrison]: 6-6-6
  • “Moonshine” Safe Code [Horseshoe]: 3-1-3
  • “Life, The Universe, And Everything” Safe Code [Muddy Grounds]: 10-10-10
  • “End Of World War Two” Safe Code [Saint Paul Island]: 85-19-45
  • Church of St Thomas the Apostle Safe Code [Saint Paul Island]: 4-4-4
  • Dam Nightrunner Hideout Safe Code [City Outskirts]: 9-6-6
  • “Absolute Zero” Safe Code [Newfound Lost Lands]: 4-5-9
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