Dying Light 2 – Best Trophy Farming Location

This guide will show where and how you can obtain over 100 trophies in one night of hunting.

Where to Find Your Sweet, Sweet Trophies

You must first gain access to the city center before you can use this farming spot. Once there, find Culvert Island just Southeast of the Fish Eye. This location is the best trophy farming area I have found in the game. You can loot over 100 trophies in one night there!

Finding Your Perfect Kill Zone

Once you are at Culvert Island, find the bridge leading onto the island. When facing the island from the street it should look like this.

Notice the lovely pile of tires and surrounding structure that will funnel the infected into your kill zone while still preventing them from swarming in too quickly. The island side of the bridge is a safe zone with UV lights right up to the edge of the bridge, providing a safe place to retreat and heal up when neccessary.

Do’s And Dont’s Of Hunting The Infected

Once the sun goes down there will be 5 Howlers within visual range of the street side of the bridge. Here is a step by step guide to maximizing your trophy hunt after sundown.

  1. Step off the bridge onto the street and attract the attention of at least one of the howlers. I recommend triggering two of them as this seems to spawn more infected. Once the howlers are howling, run back onto the bridge. Keep track of your facing and always know where the bridge is.
  2. Once you are back on the bridge, position yourself far enough back from the entrance that the infected have to come completely onto the bridge to attack you so they will be funneled into a narrow space. Make sure you are centered left to right on the bridge to make it hard for any infected to get around you and attack from behind.
  3. When the infected come just start swinging! You pretty much can’t miss since they will be packed together. When you have defeated the wave of infected spawned by the howlers, leave the bridge and trigger the howlers again to keep the waves coming as fast as possible. you’ll know the current wave is done when no more red detection indicators are showing. If you are wounded or need to recharge your immunity you can retreat to the far side of the bridge where the UV lights are.
  4. Watch out for chase level 3 and 4! At chase level 3 it is possible for a volatile to spawn, and at chase level 4 they will definitely spawn! When you see a volatile run back to the light. Don’t wait for them to get on the bridge. Stay in the light until the case ends and then start the process over again. It is a good idea to enjoy the frustrated rage of the volatiles that almost got to kill you. Just look at those grumpy guys!

Loot Loot Loot!

When the sun comes up it’s time to enjoy the fruits (or corpses) of your labors! If done right, your bridge should look something like this in the morning.

Remember that some of the infected will have fallen off the bridge and their loot will be in the water below, so jump down there and get it!

Here are screenshots of my inventory after one night of hunting and then the second one is after the second night. You can rest on the island to skip the day and go right back to night hunting anytime you want!

I hope this helps everyone have a great time hunting and getting all those tasty upgrades to your blueprints! As always, Good night, Good luck, and Good hunting!

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