Dying Light 2 – Best Way to Farm Uncommon and Unique Trophies

Best Way to Farm Uncommon and Unique Trophies if you’ve unlocked power for that district already.

Where to Go

Note this only works after you’ve unlocked power for that district.

Go to the Metro next to the Bazaar.

Stand on top of the wooden section of the Metro entrance.

What to Do

Once there find the Howler Spawn Point located below.

Run up to the Howler to get the Howler to give you a chase then run back up onto the metro. To more efficiently farm Uncommon Trophies, leave the Howler alive. Then alternate between the protected UV area on the wooden section and the slanted metal section of the Metro entrance while kicking zombies off the roof into the spikes and slashing them with your weapon. Having a bow for the occasional Spitter.

Note, standing in the UV area for too long will start to end the chase. To continue the chase, you just need to jump out of the UV area and attack Virals.

Chase levels 1-2 are where Virals will spawn. This is where you can easily farm Uncommon Trophies. Once you’re in chase levels 3-4 Volatiles start to spawn. This is where you will get the Unique Trophies to farm. If you are only after Uncommon Trophies, you just to stand in the protected UV area until the chase ends.

Bonus Howler Locations for Rare Trophies

There are three Howlers located here.


On Foot

Bazaar for Reference

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