Dying Light 2 – DOOM Easter Egg with Shotgun Reward

In order to access the secret challenge/level dedicated to DOOM from 1993 you’ll need to follow this easy and simple guide.

Note: There is five black rubber ducks needed in order to do this and two of them are hidden behind quests I believe, one location being the Observatory area, and the other one is the VNC tower so you’re best off doing this when you have beaten the game.

Finding and Locating All the Black Rubber Ducks

They’ll be 5 black rubber ducks located around the world that’ll you’ll need to find and grab in order to reach a secret area located in the VNC Tower.

Mount Lucid Observatory

You might have to wait until the door opens in order to get this duck, but it depends on what items you have. If you can paraglide into the tower then that’s one of the three ways or use the grappling hook to get into the right tower.

Northern Part of the Wharf

Located where you fight one of the Anomalies and you’ll want to hop on the barbed wire fence and see a car in the water. Pick the lock and you’ll find the second duck.

Chemical Area Near the Dam/North East of Newfound Lost Land

Northern Area of Houndfield

When you get near the area on the map you’ll want to look for the white truck and red car to help you navigate. They’ll be a little mound of dirt with bones and the rubber duck will be there.

Top of the VNC Tower

You’ll get to the roof of the VNC building and they’ll be a light that you can use your grappling hook to swing on or drop down without using the hook as it’s only one floor below. Code for the safe is 666 as it’s a reference to a Slipknot song called “Heretic Anthem.”

After you gather all the 5 black rubber ducks you’ll want to go to the VNC building and ride the elevator to the basement where you did the quest “Broadcast” and at the end of it you swim through the water in order to power the area. Anyways you swim through there and after you get out you’ll see a door that you can go through on the right and they’ll be a long hall to the elevator where you ascend to HELL!

When you enter the room you’ll have to put down the 5 black rubber ducks that you ran around the map and collected. Then starting on the left or right podium as soon as you walk down you’ll have to make a pentagram and if you do it correctly you’ll see fire and a shotgun appear in the middle of circle.

Challenge Level Based Off the 1st Level in DOOM from 1993

Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots at the moment for this next part of obtaining the blueprints, crystals and the shotgun. However I’ll work on it to make sure this guide is 100% complete and explain as best I can!

The objective of the challenge is to collect crystals and there is 5 of them.

2 of them are located in the beginning, one of them is achievable by pressing a secret button, one of them is found by exploring and the last one is hidden behind a wall that you have to interact with.

So for the first 2 crystals you’ll spawn in and go to the left up a stair case and that’s where the 1st is, and when you head back downstairs the 2nd one is in the green slush.

Then proceed forward through the room, and into the room with a zig zag like shape with green slush on the side. Slaughter everything in your way and you’ll come up to a hallway and if you hug the right wall you’ll be able to interact with the wall and open it up. Proceed forward and you’ll be brought to a large open space where you’ll find 1 of 2 blueprints along with a crystal.

Heading back the way you came go to the right when you get to the part where you interacted with the door and head straight where you’ll find a room that’s a dead end and that’s where the 4th crystal is.

Lastly the 5th crystal is located in the room with the set path with the green slush/slime on the left and right side. They’ll be a open room that’s glowing red and you’ll enter where you will find the second blueprint. In the corner of the room will be a ladder that you can interact with and climb where you will head down a short hallway with the final crystal being there and a little thank you note to the developers who made DOOM.

How to Get the Shotgun

Before starting the challenge you’ll want to ensure that you unequip all the accessory that you have equipped.


  • UV Flashlight.
  • Grappling Hook
  • UV Light etc.

In order to get the shotgun used in the challenge you will have to load into the challenge and kill some zombies while you wait. After 30 seconds or so quit the game to the main menu, or ALT + F4 whatever is faster. Then when you load in you should have the Shotgun which does 1993 Damage referencing to the year that the 1st DOOM game came out in.

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