Dying Light 2 – Optimization Guide and Best Settings Tested

Best Dying Light 2 Settings on PC

The good news is that you can fine tune the best Dying Light 2 settings to get just as many frames as the Low preset, while making it look a hell of a lot better. You’ll need to press ‘F’ on the graphics menu to access the advanced settings.

  • Upscaler mode: DLSS Quality (optional)
  • Render mode: D3D12
  • Asynchronous compute: on
  • Antialiasing quality: high (if not using DLSS)
  • Particles quality: high
  • Sun shadows quality: PCF
  • Contact shadows quality: high
  • Ambient occlusion quality: high
  • Global illumination quality: high
  • Reflections quality: high
  • Raytraced flashlight: off
  • Fog quality: low

Best Dying Light 2 Presets on PC

If you’re looking to dropkick zombies as quickly as possible, Dying Light 2’s five presets are a good place to start. Thankfully, they don’t adjust your resolution given that 1080p is the most that’ll be on the cards for many. That said, they also don’t tinker with upscaling, so you can do much better if you roll up your sleeves and rummage around in the individual ‘advanced settings’.

The city of Villedor is quite the sight, and one that probably shouldn’t be wasted on the Low preset if possible. It’ll cost you around 14% of your frames when jumping to Medium and just 17% to High, so you can probably skip over the middleground and crank things right up if your PC can handle it. It’s much harder to swallow the 40% dip the Raytracing preset brings from Low, or the 50% decrease from the High Quality Raytracing preset, especially if you’re aiming to keep above the 60fps mark.

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