Dying Light 2 – Rebind Keys (Keybind Options)

Keybind Options

I found where the keybind file is located for people that want to mess with it instead of waiting however long for a patch.

  • Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dying Light 2\ph\source

Open data0.pak (back this up just in case) with WinRAR, 7-Zip, or whatever other program you have.

  • Continue to: \scripts\inputs\

And finally open inputs_keyboard.scr with Notepad or your preferred text reader.

Using this, I’ve managed to unbind capslock and actually rebind the turn around key to something else. And reading through the different keybinds, people that want to rebind mouse 1 and mouse 2 should be able to. However, the game currently doesn’t recognize mouse 4 and 5 as real buttons, so those still need to be bound through an external program.

Make sure if you’re rebinding keyboard actions to mouse buttons or vice versa to note that keyboard actions require EInputDevice_Keyboard while mouse actions require EInputDevice_Mouse in the line of code.

Note: For those that want to rebind jump to something else, there are MANY actions attached to EKey__SPACE_. I assume the game is currently bugged where rebinding jump only replaced one or two lines with the new button. You should be able to use a new key for jump by just replace every instance of EKey__SPACE_ to your preferred button and the new button should act like it’s suppose to.

Anyway I got the side mouse buttons working, it was actually rather simple. Open up inputenums.def in the same folder in the data archive. Way down at the bottom you’ll see:

export int EMouse__BUTTON_1        = 0x0000 + 0xF000;
export int EMouse__BUTTON_2        = 0x0001 + 0xF000;
export int EMouse__BUTTON_3        = 0x0002 + 0xF000;

So just add two more lines below that:

export int EMouse__BUTTON_4        = 0x0003 + 0xF000;
export int EMouse__BUTTON_5        = 0x0004 + 0xF000;

Then you can use those buttons in the controls config file (button 4 is back, 5 is forward on the side buttons).

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  1. I’m used to using LCTRL for crouching and the like, what would I type in here to reference that key?

  2. Question: where does the game store a configuration file of actual rebound keys?

    I assume that the game doesn’t change inputs_keyboard.scr and repack it into data0.pak
    Is that right?

    So the procedure would be to modify this file and then load defaults?
    Is this correct?

  3. I’m so used to hitting caps lock for sprint, now I can finally remove that stupid turn around. Thank you!

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