Dying Light 2 – Secret Items

A simple guide to get secret items that can be found all over Villedor…

Mantis Blades [Missable – Cyberpunk 2077]

Keep in mind, you can’t get the Mantis Blades if you have already finished the game, so, do this before going for the last mission.

In order to unlock the Mantis Blades from Cyberpunk 2077, you need to have the VNC tower cleared and unlocked, after that you want to use the elevator inside to reach the roof of the VNC tower.

After that, you want to glide from top of the VNC tower towards the airdrop on the building shown in the screenshot, and from there, to the third building on the left side.

There you will meet a man called Liquidator, after finishing the conversation with him, you will receive the blueprints for Mantis Blades inside a toolbox near you.

The Lazarus [Missable!]

For this item, during the main quest called “A Place to Call Home”, you have to tell Jack Matt what actually happened to Aitor.

Later on during the main quest “On Board” Aitor will be brought to the ship wounded, You will receive a side quest called “Aitor” which you want to do as soon as possible before getting to main quest “Broadcast”.


When you reach the end of the quest, you have to make a choice which determines weather Aitor survives or no, the first choice doesn’t really matter, but as for the second one, you have to go by “I give Aitor the small petals.” in order for him to survive.

Triple Jump [Mario Shoes]

This is a small easter egg related to the original character of Dying Light Kyle Crane, which will reward you with Mario shoes, that would let you do a big jump every third jump!

First head to this location, near the Bandit Camp.

Then head towards the blue container and head inside, you can turn on the radio to hear couple of voice lines from DL1, afterwards, chill on the bed for sometime and wait for the item to magically appear on the desk, take the item and enjoy!

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