Dying Light 2 – (You Have One New Message) Sound and Text Across The Screen!

You Have One New Message

So you roaming around and every once in a while you get a in game text “You have 1 New Message” well for the love of God I started looking for my chat windows and going through any sub menu in game and couldn’t figure it out till now.

See image, look for one of these, I know most people have no idea what the F*&^k that thing is, an Office Phone with a Cord, But I’m old and still remember using a rotary one of those, “Yeah Yeah I’m as Old as Molasses”.

Hope this helps you all you survivors out there and remember “Stay Human”.


  1. This guide explains nothing and there is no image attached. Thank you Shelleysavage74 for explaining that you need to look for a landline nearby when you get that message. You should have written the guide instead

  2. Literally saying if you’re in a building look for a landline and there is a message on it.
    But you forgot the picture to show what you were talking about

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