Dying Light – Automating Legend Point Farming With Macros

A guide on how to automate legend point farming with iCUE or any other macros.

Automating Legend Point Farming Guide


  • This will be done in Old Town at the Museum, only accessible during the quest ‘The Museum.’ It may be able to be done in stuffed turtle, but this guide will be about the museum.
  • You need the following:
    • Tic-Tac agility skill.
    • Any macro program.
  • Avoid using the mouse – this is why the tic-tac skill is needed, because it turns you around easily. We can’t use the mouse because iCUE will record mouse movement at a low sensitivity and scales with your sensitivity. There is likely a fix to this but I think its just easier to use the keyboard. Tell me if there is a workaround nonetheless.
  • Enable the following in the settings:
    • Delays.
    • Keyboard events.
    • Mouse clicks.

What to Do

Go through the main quest ‘The Museum’, gotten in Old Town. After you kill Tahir you will come across some people guarding your player stash. Kill them and take your stuff from the stash, then do not go through the big doorAt this point, you should see 4 trucks, 3 of which have supply packages in them. Pick those up and then quit to the main menu before continuing again. Now the exit should be behind you, and you can loot however much you want just by repeating the process.

The Macro-Ing

The process on other macro apps will probably be relatively similar to iCUE, if not easier because of hotkeys to start recording.

Start the recording at whatever point you would like, although I recommend when you spawn in after rejoining the game because the cursor will be in the same place every time.

Loot the truck closest to you, and the third one away from you in that row. Use the tic-tac to turn around and loot the final truck. Quit the game (with the arrow and enter keys, we still aren’t using the mouse) and re-open the game, then go up to wherever you decided to make your starting position at and stop the recording.

See if the macro works. If it does, make sure to set the assignment repeat option to repeat constantly, or its equivalent on non-iCUE macro apps. Run dying light all night with the macro on and you should wake up with quite a few supply packages.

Keep going until you have 6577 supply packages, as that is what is needed to reach legend level 250 (on nightmare difficulty).

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