EA SPORTS FIFA 23 – EA Anticheat Bug

How to Fix the Anticheat Bug

What works for me every time.


Go to your Origin location C:\xxx\Origin and open properties of Origin.exe and in Compability select “Launch as admininstrator”.

Uninstall FACEIT Anticheat. It helped too.

  1. Go to your Steam location:
    • C:\xxx\Steam\steamapps\common\FIFA 23__Installer\EAAntiCheat
  2. Launch EAAntiCheat.Installer
  3. Uninstall FIFA 23 Anticheat.
  4. Install FIFA 23 Anticheat.
  5. Restart your PC (it is necessary for me).
  6. Launch FIFA through Steam immidiately after booting up the system.

Optional: Go to FIFA location and set FIFA23.exe to be launch as admin everytime.

I tried this for five times, it worked everytime.

Maybe don’t close FIFA, because you will probably get error again. If you get the error, repeat the process.

Hope it helps!

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