EA SPORTS FIFA 23 – FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions Guide

Compete in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions in FIFA 23 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia.

The Play-Offs and the Finals are the two competitive stages in FUT Champions where you may put your skills to the test. Compete to win wonderful prizes and demonstrate your abilities on the field.

FUT Champions Play-Offs

The Play-Offs are FUT Champions’ opening round. You can take it at your own speed because it is available for the entirety of the FUT Season.

You can check in-game how many Play-Off entries are available for each FUT Season. When a new Season begins, which typically happens every six weeks, this cap resets.

How do I qualify for Play-Offs?

Earn Champions Qualification Points by competing against Division Rivals (CQP). You will be automatically enrolled in the current competition after you have earned enough CQP to qualify for the Play-Offs. Checking in-game will show you how much CQP is needed to enter the Play-Offs.

Where can I see how many FUT Champions Qualification Points I have?

Find your FUT Champions Qualification Points balance in-game:

  1. Go into FUT.
  2. Select Play then select FUT Champions.

You can also enter the Rivals tile, then select the Champions tab to see your total there.

How do I earn FUT Champions Play-Offs rewards?

Once you complete the competition’s limit of ten matches, you’ll receive awards. Additionally, you have the option to stop the current Play-Offs event whenever you like, even before finishing all of your matches, enabling you to claim the available rewards right now. If you don’t complete all of your Play-Off matches before a FUT Season concludes, you’ll still receive the benefits from the ones you did finish.

You can track your development in-game and view the prerequisites and benefits for each Rank.

FUT Champions Finals

The second phase of FUT Champions is the Finals. Due to the restricted availability of Finals events, check in-game for the most recent schedule.

How do I qualify for Finals?

By accruing enough points in the FUT Champions Play-Offs to receive a Finals Qualification Token, you can enter the FUT Champions Finals. By using the Token, you can then decide when you want to take part in the Finals.

How do I earn FUT Champions Finals rewards?

When you finish all of the available matches or the event ends, whichever comes first, you’ll start receiving awards.

However, you cannot end a Finals event early, unlike the Play-Offs. The time limit for Finals events is likewise significantly shorter. You will only receive the awards for what you have earned if you haven’t finished all of your matches by the time it expires.

When can I redeem my Champions Finals Qualification Token?

You have the freedom to decide when to use your Champions Finals Qualification Token, and when you do, it will automatically register you for the following Champions Finals event. Redeeming your Finals Token should only be done when you are prepared to play your matches.

Enter the FUT Champions Mode and adhere to the on-screen instructions to redeem your token.

Your Finals Token was not used by the end of a Season. Not to fear, it will continue throughout the following Season.

I accidentally started a Champions Finals run, can I cancel my entry and start another time?

Your entry into this competition is final and can’t be reversed.


How does matchmaking work?

Matchmaking in FUT Champions Play-Offs and Finals is based on two things:

  1. Your location. This determines which dedicated FIFA Game Data Center location will be used for your match.
  2. Your current Form in Play-Offs or Finals. This means you’ll be matched with players that have a similar Form as you.
    • Form does not carry over between the two competitions. Your Form is zero whenever you are first starting a Play-Offs or Finals.

What is Form? And how is it generated?

Your Form in the FUT Champions Play-Offs and Finals (respectively) keeps track of every match you’ve participated in so far this season. Your Form is initially set to zero at the beginning of each tournament, and it changes as you perform.

Here’s an example. Say the results of your first five games of a Play-Offs run were W/L/L/W/W.

Your Form after those five matches would end up at +1. That’s because you gain +1 for each win and lose -1 for each loss.

  • Before your first match, your Form is at 0.
  • You won the first match, so you earn 1. Form now at +1.
  • You lost the second match, so you lose 1. Form now at 0.
  • You lost the third match, so you lose another 1. Form now at -1.
  • You win the fourth match, so you earn 1. Form now at 0 again.
  • You win the fifth match, so you earn 1 more. Form now at +1 again.
  • That means going into your sixth match, your current Form would be +1.

Are there limits to how much my Form can change?

In FUT Champions Play-Offs, your Form can be as low as -8 and as high as +8.

In FUT Champions Finals, your Form can be as low as -15 and as high as +15.

Can I matchmake with players from other platforms?

You can matchmake with players who are playing on other platforms than you if you have cross-play enabled. You’ll only play against those in the same platform generation as you:

  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC

What kind of rewards could I get by playing Champions Play-Offs and Finals?

The available rewards for each competition are listed in-game and can be seen by viewing your competition progress in-game.

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