EA SPORTS FIFA 23 – FUT Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

Earn in-game rewards by completing Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 23. Play FIFA Web and Companion Apps, on a console, a computer, or both.

Get Started with Squad Building Challenges

You can create distinctive Squads utilizing your Player Items in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) depending on various Challenge requirements, which you can then submit to receive rewards.

This is how:

  1. Enter FIFA Ultimate Team from the FIFA 23 main menu.
  2. While on the Home tab, select and enter Squad Building Challenges.
  3. Select the Challenge you want to complete. They’re grouped by category.
  4. Build a team.
    • Use Items from your Club or from the Transfer Market to build a team that meets the Challenge requirements, which are usually a mix of Player Quality, Squad Chemistry and Rating, Nationalities, Leagues, and Clubs.
  5. Complete the Challenge to submit your Squad and get rewards.
    • All SBC submissions are final. Once you complete an SBC, the Items you’ve submitted are permanently removed from your Club in exchange for rewards, and our advisors can’t restore Items you’ve submitted.
    • You’ll have a limited time to complete some SBCs. Once a Challenge expires, you can’t submit a Squad.

More Details About SBCs

The completion of many challenges in some SBCs results in both smaller individual awards and a greater collective payout. Some people are just one Challenge.

There are repeated SBCs. Each time you submit the Squad, there is a chance that you’ll receive a different reward, but there is also a chance that you’ll receive the same one.

SBCs are accessible across all FIFA 23 editions, albeit they could vary depending on the platform. Rewards may differ between platforms as well.

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