Earthfall – Some Game Mechanics

I’ve played this game for a while and so have my friends so I decided to make a guide talking about all the mechanics found in the Earthfall you may not have known about.

Beasts & Spitter Drones & Blackouts

Something you may have noticed about these three is that they have projectile attacks and as the dev’s said they kinda made them a bit smarter (at least the Beast and Spitters).

What i’m trying to say is that they aim their projectiles more smarter.

Allow me to do a terrible example as to what i’m talking about

Plus sign = Projectile
S = Survivor
– = Distance
A = Beast/Spitter


As you can see from the confusing example, the Beast or Spitter drone will shoot ahead of their target depending on the direction they are moving. Because of this they will usually have a high chance of hitting their target.

The blackout however works in a different way, they aren’t so smart.

Plus sign = Projectile
S = Survivor
– = Distance
B = Blackout


Looking at the confusing example again you see something different, the Blackout is shooting behind their target. Unlike the Beast or Spitter drone they will just shoot in the general direction of the player and not ahead of the direction the player is moving. This also led me to figure out a easier way to deal with the Blackout due to them shooting behind you, you will be able to just keeping walking in a circle around the Blackout and remain untouched however only one player must be in the field of vision for the Blackout other wise it will shoot in direction of the other player too which may cause the player walking in circles to get hit.


Stimshots grant the following effects.

Greatly increased movement speed.
Infinite Stamina.
Recharges Stamina fully.
Reduced Damage.
About 25% forever health upon usage? 
Greatly increased reload speed.
Greatly increased firing speed (How does injecting your self with a shot increase the fire rate of a automatic gun?)
Greatly increased interaction speed with everything.

All of these effects lasts for the duration of the stimshot apart from the 25% more health effect.

Wall Piercing

You probably haven’t noticed but your guns can pierce through walls.

Things you must note are that it will depend on what the wall is made of, how “wide” the wall is (by this I mean whats the distance of the wall between the spot your shooting and the outside on the other side of the wall), and what gun you are using. 

If you are attempting to shoot through a wooden wall, all guns will work at piercing through it and hitting things on the other side.

However if you are attempting to shoot through a metal or brick wall only the Glintec can pierce through that and hit their target.

A warning however is that the bullets can still harm teammates and not just the Aliens.

Your bullets can also penetrate through the Aliens no matter the type and gun used, I discovered this when I noticed I dealt a ton of friendly fire damage to a teammate that was trying to hit the backside a Beast that was chasing me and I was shooting.

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