Egression – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Complete Achievement Walkthrough

Game Room

Pre rooms related

Try to enter a room with a card in the trash.

Failed Hacker

  • Attempt to access a room improperly

Look the papers on the lobby.

Junior Janitor

  • Clean up the lobby

Open the tablet and change every nail colour.


  • Try out every color

For walkthrough all credits go to this video:

Story related

Escape School Graduate

  • Learn how to escape

Pro Gamer

  • Complete the Game Room

Misc Achievements

Touch the plugs.

Electrician In Training

  • Stick your finger where it doesn’t belong

Sink every balls on billiard.

Pool Shark

  • Sink all the balls

After beating the room, take one dart and explode one balloon.

Balloon Juggler

  • Juggle a balloon

Hide inside the cupboard of the balloons.

Professional Hide & Seeker

  • Hide somewhere you can’t be found

Look at the camera per 1 minute without failing, if fail restart the game.

Expert Starer

  • Win a staring contest

Go to the intro puzzles, and put the hidden tile on the wall again.

Egression Intern

  • Help reset an intro area puzzle

Go inside the game room, and lose three times on 4 in a row.

AI Sympathizer

  • Let an AI win 3 times in a row

Deep Sea Lab

History related

Wildlife Destabilizer

  • Disturb the local wildlife

Defender of Science

  • Defend your scientific mission from danger

Deep Sea Diver

  • Prepare to dive

Deep Sea Scientist

  • Complete the Deep Sea Lab

Misc Achievements

Break every glass on the station.

Glass Blower (Upper)

  • Break all the glass

Collect every rock from the game.

Rock Collector

  • Collect all the rocks

Try to touch the extinguisher painted on the wall

Fire Extinguisher

  • Try to extinguish a fire

Outside, put any thing on the rock area, then take with the claw.

Claw Game Designer

  • Win a different claw game prize

Put back every tool on their box.


  • Put backs all the tools in their proper place

On the electric panel, connect and disconnect the light

Rave DJ

  • Strobe a light

Meta Puzzle

Story Related

Staff Member

  • This achievement is hidden. Gain access to the employee break room

Fire Marshall

  • This achievement is hidden. Gain access to the Fire Alarm Control Panel

Elevator Repairperson

  • This achievement is hidden. Get the elevator humming again

Escape Artist

  • This achievement is hidden. Find the credits
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