ELDEN RING – Boss Executioner Build Guide

Guide to Boss Executioner Build

Starting Class:

  • Hero (Marais Executionner’s Sword)
  • Bandit/Samurai (Regalia of Eochaid)


  • 150


  • VIG: 60
  • MND: 35
  • END: 25ish or enough for your Elden Bling
  • STR: 40 or 12 (Regalia of Eochaid)
  • DEX: 40 or 14 (Marais Executioner’s Sword)
  • INT: N/A
  • FTH: N/A
  • ARC: 40


  • Marais Executioner’s Sword (Str Build) (B in STR and D in ARC)
  • Regalia of Eochaid (Dex Build) (C in DEX and ARC)


  • Shard of Alexander: Boost skills attack power
  • Godfrey Icon: Enhance charged skills
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia – or – Winged Sword Insignia: Enhance attack power on consecutive hits
  • Millicent Prosthesis: +5 Dex, Enhance attack power on consecutive hits


Try to wear something that gives some armor, since you will not always be able to land properly the weapon skill and get slapped and the Bloodboil Aromatic increase damage taken quite much


  • Bloodboil Aromatic: +30% Physical damage for 60s but damage taken increased as well
  • Flask of Wondrous Physics: Thorny Craked Tear (+35% damage at max consecutive hits) and Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear (+20% magic damage) for 3 minutes


This is a build where you need to look for an opening long enough to land the weapon art (Eochaid’s Dancing Blade) for the most hits possible to get the bonus from the talismans and the Flas.

The patch 1.04 lets you roll away just as you would get back the sword, removing the last hit, but that can save you for unflinching bosses).

The Magic-Shrouding tear of the Wondrous Physics can be replace by whatever you find more useful.

The bloodboil aromatics are powerful but you need to be careful because the damage taken increase is quite noticeable if you are running in light armor.

I tested this on the Haligtree Knights (+- 4300 HP) and the Dragonbarrow Cave Runebear (+- 13k-15k HP) the knights died in 1 WA if they didn’t block, and the bear in 2 full combo.

You can put less Vigor and Mind for more other stats, but remember that while you are charging the WA, you are not moving and can get clapped so, I would consider 40 Vigor or more and charging the WA while the enemy is charging at you.

After finishing the build, you may level Faith or Intelligence to use buffs.

Note: Malenia can get perma staggered through her phase 1 and the last hit of the drill phase of the WA can make her fall on the ground. The mimic using this alongside can make you pierce the heavens.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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