ELDEN RING – Early Game Repeatable Rune Farm

If your just starting or having a hard time with a boss, this guide is here to help you for from a level 10 weakling too a level 50+ boss. In this guide I will help you farm 21880 runes every ten minutes.

How to Do This Farm (2188 per Minute)

Step-1: Go to the third church of marika, go be hide the church to a little pond where a portal is hidden in the bushes. (This with take you to the Bestial Sanctum in dragonborrow).

Step-2: Once you are there go south until you reach a lost grace called farum greatbridge, rest there because you will need it later.

Step-3: When you stand up from the grace (if you fast travel to the grace) turn left and run, you should see an enemy just up a head with a long saw. Sneak up behind and back stab it and if you didn’t kill it in one hit that’s okay just lock on to it and you should be able to kill it in a hit or two.

Step-4: Once it drops the runes fast travel back to the the grace you just rested at (Farum Great-Bridge). this will re-spawn the enemy you just killed.

When to Repeat / End of Guide

Repeat step 3-4 for around 10 minutes and you’ll end up with 21880 runes, and the best part you can do it as many times as you like and can boost you up from a level 1 maidenless wench to a level 50 maidenless king because lets be honest here, everyone of us is maidenless.

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