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Vagabond – Easiest, But Not The Best

Note: Credit goes to Plastic The Bag

So right off the bat, the Vanguard in our opinion is by far the easiest class, due to its simplicity of play style; You got a shield, you got a sword, and the best starting armour in game

The Vagabond in Elden Ring is the equivalent to the Knight in Dark Souls 3, almost down to a tee, Great armour, great for strength class, and is generally straight forward. You don’t need to learn complex spells or timings, just roll, jump, attack, dodge, etc. Anybody can play it, and we recommend it as the easiest because as it takes the stress off of learning or focusing on advanced combat mechanics, and instead focuses on how to play Elden Ring itself, without having to focus on much more than your basic combat attacks.

However, the simplicity means you trade ease of play, with some of the more advanced and rewarding combat mechanics of the game. Which means a loss of damage output, and general versatility, but for the casual or new player, this is what you should start with.

Samurai – The Best Overall Pick For Versatility And Damage

If you’re a Dark Souls 3 Veteran, you are probably aware of the Uchigatana dropped from naked old man near the Firelink Shrine, well…. That’s the exact same blade you get with the Samurai Class. I wonder if there are some ties to the Dark Souls 3 unfolding. By far this class is the best class bar none in the game for multiple reasons, however this class requires more skill and focus and is not recommended for a filthy casual like Simon!

The main benefits of the Samurai class over that of Vagabond is the additional use of the bow and arrow, which allows for you to create some serious distance, additionally the Uchigatana the Samurai Class has also carries forward the Dark Souls 3 mechanic of the bleed effect, which inflicts massive amounts of damage, and is highly effective at taking out large enemies, with big health pools who are susceptible to bleed. Such as the giants. If you’re a skilled player, this is the class that you are going to love the most, and it is by far the best class in our opinion. that will reward you with fun game-play that’s saleable.

Confessor – A New Way To Play Souls Games

In the past stealth was never really viable and much harder then straight fisticuffs. Well that has changed, and while stealth is something you can do with any class, no one does it better than the Confessor Class who is literally built for assassin murder.

Sometimes, if you have put in over a thousand hours like me into DS3, it can get boring. And after playing these games a person might want a new take on a well known formula, and that’s where our final class brings in both something new for the noob, and for the veteran. And that is the confessor class, it brings a whole new meaning to the stealth mechanics in Elden Ring, where you can essentially run at full speed with the assassins spell and drop dudes like flies. In addition to this, you can heal so the need for Estus flasks are dramatically reduced, which allows you to play this game completely stealth, using various faith spells to accomplish a whole new play style of this game.

Astrologer – Best For Mage Builds (Honourable Mention)

As an honorable mention, the Astrologer class which is essentially a mage, is by far the best if you want to go that route, however as always in souls games the the mage class is a bit more difficult to play, not because you need to have good timing, but because switching out your attacks or spells on the go can be challenging for some. It’s a recommended pick IF staying back is your style, but not recommended if you are not familiar with how to properly utilize spells in Souls Games. It’s a difficult but rewarding class. But by far the best out of the others.

Worst Class – Hero (Slow, Innaccurate, Low Dmg, Low Def)

A word to the wise, we highly recommend to avoid at all costs, lest pain of death, and suffering, and dying, and dying again, and again… DO NOT PICK The Hero Class. Unless you want to have the worst experience ever. We highly recommend you avoid this class, reasons being is the defence is very low, and the axe is slow, cumbersome, its hard to hit a target with it, as it swings downward, where most other weapons use a side slash which covers more area. In general this class is even worse, then even the wretch class, which is the Elden Ring equivalent of the deprived class from ds3.


  • Vagabond – Easiest But Least Rewarding
  • Samurai – Best Overall
  • Confessor – New Play Style And Decent
  • Astrologer – If Shooting Magic Is Your Thing
  • Hero – If Your A Masochist
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