ELDEN RING – Guide for New Players

Elden Ring is the most recent game from From Software, and while it is not a sequel to the Dark Souls series, it does have many parallels – as well as many new components and systems not seen in previous From Software games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro!

Beginners Guide

How to Fast Travel

While the developers have stated that players will still be able to explore the world of the Lands Between and discover the map for themselves, Hidetaka Miyazaki has confirmed that Fast Travel will be included in the game.

As you travel across the Lands Between, you’ll come across Sites of Grace, which act as bonfires where you can rest, recharge, and level up. With a few exceptions, you can quickly travel to any Site of Grace you’ve rested at by viewing them on the map.

You will be unable to fast travel to specific locations in the game, such as dungeons, and you will be unable to bring up the map while in combat, forcing you to rely on items like the Vision of Grace to return to the last spot you rested at. The icons for the Sites of Grace on the map will have a red slash through them during certain times, indicating your incapacity to quick travel.

How to Level Up

When you first start your adventure in the Lands Between, you’ll be told that your character is “Maidenless,” meaning that he or she lacks the ability to seek out the Elden Ring for themselves. You’ll need to locate your own maiden to level up with if you want to increase your power.

Where to Find the Melina the Finger Maiden

Finding and resting in the first few Sites of Grace will not allow you to level up, though you will be able to heal your wounds. You can see tendrils of light pointing like an arrow off to the northeast if you look at the early Sites of Grace in Limgrave in person or on the map.

Take the Sites of Grace’s way through the destroyed Church of Elleh, along a wooded trail, and to the Gatefront Ruins. A big towering Stormgate stands just to the north of the ruins, with another Site of Grace at its foot.

Melina will pay you a visit if you rest here. She’s a Finger Maiden who can help the Tarnished find the Elden Ring by letting you to trade Rune Fragments for strength.

How to Level Up

Melina can use her magic to level up your character in return for Runes once you’ve met with her (What is normally referred to as Souls in Dark Souls games). When you achieve the requisite level, you will be able to choose one of numerous attributes to increase at a time, which can raise certain stats or allow you to equip particular weapons and magic.

Unlike prior FromSoft games, you can now use Melina’s power at any Site of Grace you visit after meeting the Finger Maiden, and you don’t have to go back to the one where you met the Finger Maiden.

Remember that the Runes you carry and collect by beating opponents are dropped when you die, and you’ll have to respawn to pick them up. They’ll be gone forever if you die on the way back to collect them. You can also acquire Fringefolk Runes, which can be used to obtain a large number of Runes at once, making them an excellent way to store Runes until they are needed.

How to Summon Spirits

You can now summon Spirits using the ashes of the fallen in Elden Ring, in addition to summoning friendly players to assist you in select battles. These pals come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can only summon one at a time. They can’t be summoned while you’re playing multiplayer, so you’ll have to pick carefully who you want to assist you – additional players can make bosses stronger and tougher, but Spirits can’t, despite their limited AI and attack kinds.

Spirits function similarly to spells, although unlike Incantations and Glintstone Magic, they do not require memorizing and do not take up slots. Instead, you can attach them to quick menu items and call them into battle by ringing a Spirit Bell.

Spirits cannot be called everywhere, as they can only come and assist you in specific places, such as bosses, legacy dungeons, and enemy encampments. When you can summon spirits, a glowing icon of an arch with lettering in the middle will appear on the left.

Each Spirit you can summon is one of the monsters you’ll encounter while exploring The Lands Between. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from humans to animals, and some appear in groups while others appear alone. Each spirit has a different FP cost, and the more powerful they are, the more FP they will cost. Choosing which Spirit to summon for a looming battle might be influenced by the most pressing needs of the combat. Sometimes you’ll want a powerful spirit to back you with ranged fire or tank an adversary directly, while other times you’ll want them to serve as distractions for a boss.

Spirit Ashes can be obtained in a variety of ways across the Lands Between: some are dropped by powerful adversaries, others are guarded, and some can even be purchased from roaming merchants.

How to Get Your Mount

In Elden Ring, the Lands Between are made up of enormously huge territories that lead to the Erdtree, and traversing these treacherous lands on foot might take a long time. Fortunately, if you know where to look, you can gain a mount early in the game.

As you explore Limgrave, you’ll come across a few Sites of Grace where you can save your progress and heal your wounds. You can see tendrils of light pointing like an arrow off to the northeast if you look at the early Sites of Grace in Limgrave in person or on the map.

Take the Sites of Grace’s way through the destroyed Church of Elleh, along a wooded trail, and to the Gatefront Ruins. A big towering Stormgate stands just to the north of the ruins, with another Site of Grace at its foot.

Melina will pay you a visit if you relax here. She’s a Finger Maiden who can help the Tarnished find the Elden Ring by letting you to trade Rune Fragments for strength. She will also bestow the Spectral Steed Whistle upon you, allowing you to summon Torrent as your mount.

Tips for Riding Torrent

  • The Spectral Steed Whistle must be used every time you want to ride Torrent, thus it’s preferable to attach it to a D-pad Pouch shortcut for quick access.
  • Torrent is far faster than you are, and you can sprint while riding him. Unlike walking, though, using the sprint button will only give Torrent a small burst of speed, so you won’t have to constantly pushing it.
  • When you’re mounted, you won’t lose stamina outside of fight, so you can keep sprinting with Torrent indefinitely as long as you stay out of combat.
  • Torrent can jump twice, allowing you to use the second jump in mid-air to acquire more height, move in multiple directions, or jump to a ledge when falling from vast heights.
  • Torrent, like you, may take damage, and large attacks will dismount you and unsummon the steed. Torrent can be healed both magically and by feeding him a Rowa Raisin. If Torrent is slain, you’ll have to either return to a Site of Grace or use a charge from your Flask of Crimson Tears to resurrect him.
  • Because you’ll have more mobility in mounted combat, it can be extremely handy in a variety of situations. You can use RT/RB to attack your right side, and LT/LB to target your left side. While mounted, you can also utilize magic.
  • Due to its range and greater damage, spear-based weaponry can be particularly effective in mounted warfare. Even if your main strike misses, charging these weapons allows you to slam into opponents and skewer them as you ride by.

How to Craft Items

Where Can I Get the Crafting Kit?

Your character will not be able to craft anything when you first start your adventure in Elden Ring, but you won’t have to wait long. After completing the instructional dungeon and entering Limgrave, proceed to the Church of Elleh and chat with the Merchant to see if he has a Crafting Kit for sale. It is available for purchase for a few souls, which can be obtained by killing adjacent foes in the forest to the east.

With the Crafting Kit, you’ll receive access to a new menu option that you can access at any time, allowing you to make consumable items for both offense and defense using materials you gather.

How to Get Recipes for Crafting

You’ll have access to a few different items with the Crafting Kit, but there are many more recipes to discover as you travel through the Lands Between. These recipes can be found in a variety of “cookbooks” all across the world. Some are concealed in enemy camp chests, while others can be purchased from merchants you come across while roaming.

Most cookbooks are themed, and some can teach you how to infuse weapons with fire or obtain fire resistance, as well as how to store new sorts of bombs in Cracked Pots.

Where Can I Get More Materials?

Additional materials are required to craft more goods, and there are numerous options for obtaining them.

Plants and flowers are required for the crafting of several things, and many can be discovered across the Lands Between. Some, such as mushrooms and moss, can only be found in wet caverns, while others, such as Fulgurbloom, can only be found when lightning strikes.

Other items necessitate components from creatures you kill, which can be found across the world. Slow-moving creatures, such as slow-moving birds perched on ruins or solitary turtles by the lake, can be found hunting both predators and prey.

Some materials are more rare, and can only be found in lonely locations or under the protection of ferocious foes. Fortunately, merchants will occasionally sell these things, but only in limited quantities.

How to Reveal the World Map

The map of Elden Ring is large, sprawling, and covered by a fog of war that you can open if you know how. This page offers instructions for unveiling Elden Ring’s whole map.

If you are not in a dungeon, you can access the map at any moment (unless you are in battle) to see your current location in the world and travel to any Site of Grace you have visited. You won’t be able to see any detail for the rest of the map beyond the land borders and key roadways, save from the icons for points of interest and sites of grace.

Map Steles, massive stone monuments resembling columns with glowing inscriptions on them that include a Map Fragment you can loot, are required to open portions of the map to see in greater detail. They are frequently found in big enemy camps along the path to the Legacy Dungeon in that location.

When you acquire a Map Fragment from a Map Stelle, the map will update to show you that region’s terrain in a stylistic style, including forests, cliffs, rivers, oceans, and other unique-looking art that can help you identify new points of interest, mini dungeons, or encampments.

How Do Skills Work

There are approximately 100 different abilities in all, which can be discovered through a variety of methods, including exploration, the acquisition of new weapons and magic spells, and the purchase of them from NPCs [arts, magic, etc].

However, instead than unlocking skills through skill trees, which was only one technique in previous games, it has been stated that most skills would need to be discovered through exploration.

It’s also worth noting that, unlike in the past, when some skills were tied to specific weapons, you’ll now be able to swap skills between a wide range of weapons.

Combat and Gameplay

  • Dark Souls stamina bars, summoning, aspects of Sekiro’s basic stealth movements, and a dedicated jump button, as well as weapon arts, will all be returning from prior Soulsborne games (no longer just tied to specific weapons).
  • While the stamina meter is returned, Miyazaki claims that it has “less overall influence on the player,” which contributes to the level of freedom Elden Ring provides. This means that your stamina will not deteriorate outside of combat, allowing you to gallop indefinitely on foot or on horseback until you are assaulted.
  • Elden Ring will have summonable co-op, but players will also be able to summon AI Spirits to assist them.
  • These Spirits are based on opponents you’ll face, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including animals and humanoids who can stand in for various responsibilities your character may be missing (melee or ranged support).
  • Spirits, like spells, cost FP to summon, and some Spirits come in groups or cost more as the ally’s potency increases.
  • Spirits may also be strengthened, and there are many to pick from – you can find and select the ones you wish to help you.
  • Only some regions can summon spirits, as indicated by a glowing grave-like emblem on the left side of the screen.
  • Elden Ring will have roughly 100 different abilities that may be found and gathered as you explore the open environment called Ashes of War, similar to how Dark Souls featured weapons with special arts. These abilities can be tweaked to fit your specific build, and they aren’t restricted to specific weapon combinations.
  • You can also change your weapon scaling in Ashes of War to better fit your build, albeit you can just equip a skill without having to assign new scaling.
  • A single talent can be given to each weapon, however the skill can be swapped out as needed to enable you experiment with your playstyle.
  • Certain weapons will have one-of-a-kind abilities that cannot be traded.
  • Certain foes can fight on horseback just as well as you can, and you might be better off fighting them on your own ride. To dismount the adversary, you can target the enemy or its mount.
  • You can use a dismounting attack to fling yourself into a group of adversaries while on horseback.
  • You can cast spells or swing your weapon to the right (RT) or left (LT) while riding.
  • On horseback, spears and lance weapons shine because you can joust and stab foes while riding past them.
  • Enemy patrols are capable of transporting valuables and supplies, and they can even be seen carrying chests to symbolize prosperity.
  • Many encampments have adversaries with big horns, and if they detect you, they will raise an alarm, causing all nearby enemies to converge on them.
  • You can crouch down to lessen noise and visibility and try to ambush foes, but your stealth options are limited. In tall grass, you can even crouch down to hide.
  • Sleep bombs or arrows can be used to put sentries to sleep, allowing them to be bypassed or attacked with a visceral attack.
  • At night, it will be simpler to ambush foes using stealth mechanics, although visibility will be restricted.

The Open World

  • There will be a lot of traversing in Elden Ring, which is the first From Software game with a truly open and explorable globe.
  • New adversaries may arrive during the night in the Lands Between, which will feature its own day/night cycle and dynamic weather system.
  • By reading the map, you will be able to travel quickly between Sites of Grace, while some regions will prevent you from doing so.
  • The Lands Between is made up of six different open areas (each region ruled over by a demigod boss). Each of these open areas will have one or more smaller dungeons, tunnels, and other more familiar and straight passages, similar to those found in a Soulsborne game. The greater Lands Between is smoothly connected to all of these primary dungeons.
  • Forests, grasslands, ruins, and even marshes will be among the various regions you can explore, and you’ll also be able to visit several castles, fortresses, caves, and crypts.
  • Players will have access to a World Map that shows the main open sections of The Lands Between, but maps for some of the smaller and enclosed areas and dungeons will be unavailable.
  • Your map will initially simply identify places of worship and major points of interest, but each region has Map Stelles, which are massive stone columns that house map shards that disclose the region’s topography.
  • While you won’t be able to access everything right away, Miyazaki has mentioned that players will be able to choose how they want to approach each location, and there will be a lot of flexibility in the sequence you approach each huge area.
  • There will be a hub location that connects The Lands Between’s six primary zones, although it will not be available right now.
  • Some bosses or dungeons can be avoided, according to the developers, however doing so may make things harder later on or keep you out of certain endings.
  • Players can summon a mount that comes and vanishes in a spectral summon, allowing them to call it to their side or dismiss it rapidly to traverse around the open area faster.
  • You can use your ride for both offensive and defensive movements, such as dashing, jumping, and even double-jumping.
  • Sprintsprings are large gusts of wind that allow you to jump vast distances on your ride to fast ascend up cliffsides.
  • Many opponents will patrol the open landscape, some of whom will follow roads and trails and others who will remain stationary. This may allow you to choose the location and time of your ambush and take on enemy groups.
  • Some roaming bosses, such as big dragons, can be battled in the broader open environment, which means you can fight them while still riding your mount.


  • Elden Ring will offer a new crafting mechanic that allows you to find and collect various materials while exploring and defeating monsters, as well as make resources to help you survive longer.
  • Exploring the Lands Between for diverse flora and stones, or hunting wild game or monsters for the parts you require, will yield crafting components.
  • You can learn new recipes by looking for “cookbooks” that will give you more alternatives for offensive and defensive things.
  • Because certain locations may require you to fight more and more foes in between rest stops, crafting may be necessary in order to obtain additional healing supplies and stay in the fight longer.


  • It has been announced that co-op will support up to four players.
  • It should now be easy to play with others, and unlike past From Software games, you may not need to collect certain goods.
  • Players can only enter another player’s realm if a co-op partner has previously been summoned, so those who want to play alone won’t be caught off guard.
  • When joining another player’s environment, new UI features have been added to make it easier to navigate and team up.
  • Because of the game’s huge open environment, there will be distinct spots where a player can summon support, making it easy to see where individuals require assistance.
  • Players can form specific groups in their open environments to help out with pals without having strangers wreck things.
  • Even in the enormous open planets of The Lands Between, PVP will be available in Elden Ring.
  • When summoning other players to battle against, however, mounted combat will be unavailable.
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