ELDEN RING – How Co-op Works

Unfortunately, the developers have been imprecise (and possibly misleading) about multiplayer, giving the idea that it is a lot more powerful and traditional co-op system than it is.

How to Co-op

Co-op in Elden Ring is extremely limited. For example:

  • Non-hosts are unable to obtain any rewards the hosts can obtain, except for experience.
  • Non-hosts are unable to make use of checkpoints or map markers.
  • Non-hosts are only allowed a fraction of the resources (i.e. potions) that the host has.
  • The game won’t allow anyone to use mounts while in co-op.
  • The game prevents you and your friends from moving from the open-world to a dungeon together. You must disband the group and send your friends back to their respective servers, and then they have to each travel separately to that dungeon in their own respective games, enter it, place down a summoning marker that will allow you to re-invite them back into your world from that location, and then you can do so and progress through the inside of the dungeon together. Bearing in mind that..
  • The game disbands the entire group whenever a dungeon boss is defeated.
  • The game disbands the entire group whenever the host dies.
  • The game removes group members from the host’s game whenever the group member dies.
  • When playing co-op the game will bring in non-invited players who are there to kill you (PvP), which can obviously trigger many of the conditions above.

A three-hour video of people attempting to play Elden Ring together may be found below. They are confronted with frustrating limits, many of which I have already highlighted. However, it will provide you with an indication of how well it works or does not work. It does not, in my opinion, operate very well.

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