ELDEN RING – How to Beat Malenia

How to Stop Being a Loser Against Malenia

You probably clicked on that because you are a loser who can’t beat Malenia. Good that I’m here to help you, loser!

We’re not fighting fair and whoever says that using NPC summons and other game mechanics isn’t “the real DS1 experience” is a loser too.

I’m obviously joking, but seriously, this boss fight doesn’t deserve your fair approach at all because her spin attack is ridiculous, forcing you to use specific builds if you don’t want to go hollow while dying to her 200 times. This is for people who can’t do this anymore and just want to kill her, not for people who force themselves to fight her solo and without Estus or whatever.


  • Find the Mimic Tear Summon, you can get it from a chest behind an imp statue door in Night’s Sacred Ground. Upgrade it to 10+, it’s the best summon in the game and creates a tanky copy of your character. But you probably already know that!
  • Respecc into a Dex build just for this fight. You can do this at Raya Lucaria for a larval tear. It’s pretty easy, the only thing that matters is that you get 60+ Dex (preferably more, I had around 70). Push Mind to 20 too. You can put the rest equally into Vigor and Endurance!
  • Use the Bandit starter class knife. You can get it as a random drop from the Lakesiide Crystal Cave site of grace, the monkey near the bonfire drops it
  • Upgrade it, preferably max it out to level 25
  • Get the Bloody Slash weapon art from the knight at the rooftop in Fort Haight, it’s in the east of Limgrave forest. Put it on the knife. What it does: It’s pretty quick and throws some blood at Malenia, which staggers her most of the time!
  • Equip your single flask with 50% HP Recovery and HP recovery over time
  • Get a damn shield or die. I’m serious, if you already died to her many times then it’s probably because of her spinning attack. Stop being a loser and GET A SHIELD NOW with 100% physical damage reduction! Brass Shield is good enough
  • Swap one of your estus flasks to a FP recovery flask
  • Wear as much armor as you can, use talismans that allow you to equip more, boost your stamina regeneration and deal more dmg with chain attacks

Side Note: If you want to level up or need some runes for your upgrades kill the Valkyrie at the first site of grace in this region or, if you unlocked it, go to the Siofra River Palace Approach (it’s where the Mogh figth is). Kill the frogs there for easy 50.000 runes per minute!

Phase 1

  • Don’t summon a friend! It’ll only buff Malenia and you can’t summon your tear mimic.
  • As soon as you enter the room you have to summon your mimic tear and drink the single flask to regenerate your HP (you lose some for summoning it) and give you the recovery buff
  • Approach her with raised shield, try to get her aggro. Block her first attacks, her HP regeneration doesn’t matter that way. Try to move her to the entrance or one side of the arena …
  • … because she can get stuck easily, which means she can’t jump away to prepare another attack. Be ruthless and attack her when your mimic gets the aggro!
  • Use blood slash when you can, your mimic will do that too. It staggers her as said in the preparations section, but always roll away after one hit to make sure she won’t hit you with a following attack
  • Be aggressive and wield your knife with two hands, you and your mimic can swap aggro. When you’re feeling bold you can try attacking her with your fast normal attacks when the tear has the aggro, which results in blood loss taking away a good amount of her HP. Your mimic inflicts blood loss too
  • Pray that her spinning attack doesn’t target you, your mimic can block it. If it still targets you: Either 1. completely block it with your shield (idiot proof but recovers some of Malenia’s HP) or 2. block only the first spin and dodge through the others. They have a bit of a delay though so it’s kinda risky

That should work pretty easily compared to brute strength tactics!

Phase 2

  • Right at the beginning she will do an AoE insta-kill jump attack, don’t even try to roll away, you can’t do it because you’re a loser who needs a guide. Block it instead, the damage gets negated completely. Roll away once and block the incoming 2nd AoE too
  • As soon as the flower disappears attack her! Be ruthless again, she doesn’t seem to be as aggressive with her bs attacks as in the first phase. Good opportunites to take away a good chunk of herH P are her small AoE attacks when she targets your mimic
  • Again, block her stupid annoying spin instead of trying to roll through it unless you want to die like a loser
  • Use one-handed fighting with your shield in general in this phase as a last resort, her attacks might oneshot you otherwise.
  • Again, the mimic might save your day. Not only does he deal a good amount of damage, he also has a good chance to block and tank her attacks when he has her aggro. Don’t forget to use your blood slash for easy stagger and drink your blue FP juice for more slashies!
  • You should be good as long as your mimic has around ~50% HP when you start this phase

Good luck but hole!

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