ELDEN RING – How to Kill Death Bird without Being Hit as a Beginner

Death Bird Guide

So this is for that rancor spell unlock.

I browsed internet and some youtube guides and it all revolves around nonsense crap where you melee the bird and for one mistake you die because the bird kills you in few hits.

Well this guide is for level 1 without being hit by a death bird which is in lurnia for the rancor spell.

If you will try this then most likely you will be a spell caster so start as astrologer rather than faith character for easier farming runes.

Basically go to broken wagon in weeping penissula for bleed weapon. It requires str but it doesnt when you weald with both hands.

With it kill a white dragon in caelid with it. Grab a golden claw in limgrave near bridge. Go on hills. It has 3bandits afking around.

With killed dragon you can level up faith and intellingence and buy 3 broken pots from church ellen vendor. Another pot is in wolf cave near church ellen. Easy.

5th pot is in a vendor in weeping penissula vendor (location is where black knight appears at night).

You need mushrooms. Boc will give you 10mushrooms. You need sunflowers. In mistwood there is that erdtree with no guardians. There are like 20flowers there. But we only need 5mushrooms and 5flowers.

Now I assume you know where the damn bird appears so you proc the bird and sprint with torrent north. there are some bushes. Hide there. The boss is extremely sensitive so you stay put there until it turns around and sits. You cant just sneak up easily he will aggro you instantly.

So you wait until he turns around then you sneak (press spacebar to sprint faster). You summon torrent jump on torrent. Throw a pot and sprint with torrent to bushes.

For me it took 4pots. but Have extra incase you use it accidentally.

Thats how i killed it without stress. It wasnt that time consuming either, just i had to understand how the damn boss works. Now enjoy the spell!

P.S. This is not cheese.. Its a tactic. It works because the bird is dead and dumb so throwing holy crap on him and hiding is valid tactic. Same for stinking some paladin in some other area.

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