ELEX II – Tips for Better Performance on Low-End Systems

Tips for Better Performance

Note: Credit goes to Inquerion

Hi, I don’t know if you know it already, but you can customize your ELEX2 ini settings files, to gain extra FPS at the cost of graphics and render quality.

These files are located inside this folder:

  • C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT NAME\AppData\Local\ELEX2\Config

Please look at the “Application.xml” and “ConfigUser.xml” files. In Application.xml you can select custom resolution, not officialy supported by PB, like 800×600 or 854×480 for 16:9 users. I tested both and though they look terrible, you can gain huge performance boost from that change.

In ConfigUser.xml you can edit important Resolution Scale modifier, which controls render resolution without changing the resolution of the text and interface, which may look blurry at 800×600 or lower res.

To change that modifier below default in game 50%, look at VirtualScreenScale=”0.500000″.

If you will change it to VirtualScreenScale=”0.300000″, you will get 30% resolution scale in the game.

So, If your base screen resolution was 1280×720, at 30% you will get 384×216 render resolution without making the interface and text unreadable. You can do the math yourself based on your own screen resolution.

In ConfigUser.xml you can also set Fog and Shadows quality to 0 or Off, but i don’t think it changes anything in the game. So far, I couldn’t find a code in the game config files, that would allow to completely disable shadows or fog in the game, which is a shame, because that would give a huge performance boost for low-end systems.

Elex 2 seems to be really badly optimized, compared to even Elex 1. Gothic 3 days are back, just with less bugs.

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