EMPTY SHELL: PROLOGUE – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will show you all the achievements in “Empty Shell: Prologue” and how to get them!

Kill-Based Achievements

Kill count: 15

Kill 15 enemies.

Kills count: 50

Kill 50 enemies.

Tap Tap Tap
Kill 350 Small Spiders

They can be found in both levels.

Kill 350 enemies with the Old Axe

You can purchase the Old Axe (fire axe) at the vending machines for 350$.

A Clean Sweep
Kill 400 Walking Soulless

This achievement only counts the walkers you kill, not spiders etc.

Kill 10 Spitting Spiders

Spitting Spiders are the big spiders, there can only be one per level.

Dad, You Were Right
As big as an elephant

Kill the “Hand” boss for the first time, you can find it in level 1.

Quick Nightmare Handshake
Kill the Hand in less than 20 seconds on NIGHTMARE difficulty

This can be performed easier with a gadget (auto turret/drone) and the AK47 equiped.

Basic Gameplay Achievements

It Begins
Death count: 1

Get killed once.

Drop Like Flies
Death count: 10

Get killed 10 times.

Rounds fired: 100

Fire 100 rounds

More Lead
Rounds fired: 200

Fire 200 rounds

Deploy a Gadget

Use a gadget (auto turret/drone) by pressing G.

Black Friday
Upgrades Cost: >1000

Spend more than 1000$ on items at the vending machine.

Use a Device

For example, you can buy a device by saving atleast 500$ before entering level 2. Buy and equip one in the loading screen after level 1. Now enter level 2 and press Q.

Game Completion Related Achievements

Just The Beginning
Leaving Building C

Finish the first level

To Be Continued
Complete the Prologue

Finish the second level

The Easy Way
Complete the Prologue at Easy difficulty or higher

I Had Better Days
Complete the Prologue at Medium difficulty or higher

The Hard Kind
Complete the Prologue at Hard difficulty or higher

Waking Up
Complete the Prologue at Nightmare difficulty

Challenging Achievements

Down The Rabbit Hole
Find 5 documents

Try to find 5 documents and click through them.

Collect all the documents in the Prologue

Check every room for documents so that you dont miss them.

I Don’t Like Shooting
Finish a level with only melee weapons

I recommend the first level. Try to get the fire axe asap and do it on a lower difficulty.

Made Of Steel
Finish a level without taking any damaged on NIGHTMARE difficult

I recommend doing the first level. Try to get the fire axe asap to one hit the weaker enemies. Try to avoid unnecessary rooms and get lucky with no hand or big spider spawn. Use gadgets!

Lone Survivor
Survive the whole Prologue on NIGHTMARE difficulty with the same volunteer

Make it through both levels without dying and complete the prologue.

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