Empyrion – Galactic Survival – Beginner Questions

Probably only useful for beginners. I sometimes have years between my Empyrion sessions, so this might help me multiple times.

Beginner Questions


  • HUD: only visible in current system
  • Waypoint: visible from other systems (wrapable)

Growing Light

Two empty blocks between growing plot and surface for growing light.

  • Roof
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Growing Plot

Gold ore in the poles? (for EVA)

  • There is an area at the poles where you can not get resources.
  • Even if there is gold, you can’t get it.
  • But at the corner of that area you might find gold on the surface you can get.

Delete POI

  • Open the cheat console
  • Type find name – Even part of name like epsilon will list all POI with epsilon in the name
  • At the end of the response it says id=xxxx
  • Note that number and type destroy xxxx

Auto Flight

  • Ctrl-w sets an auto speed
  • If in space press I to toggle the auto brake and stop the thrusters. Fly for free.

Using “Y” or the “P” to deactivate the ship or O2

  • If you use ‘Y’ or the O2 button in the ‘P’/Main menu, you don’t lose O2, if the containers have enough empty space
  • Don’t toggle power on a ventilator manually if you don’t want to lose O2


  • Too few generators will damage them, too many does not hurt in any way.

No placing on asteroids

  • All the terrain placeable items like autominers, portable constructor, water collector, etc, can only be placed on planets or moons. None of them can be placed in space


  • Have a base in space which has sun 24/7 and let it do your work, like creating O2 and fuel and keeping your stuff in the fridge.

Sleeping for Automining

  • SinglePlayer only
  • Have a bed and sleep a lot, after that you can gather lots of resources from your AutoMiners and Water Generators.
  • While you sleep you seem to not use O2. (Not 100% sure)

O2 bottle

  • 1 Water Container (+1 Steel Plate) => 2 O2 Bottles (250 O2)
  • 1000 actions take 1000 Water Containers and 100 iron ore and create 2000 O2 bottles

Fusion Cell

  • 50 Promethium pellets + 10 Hydrogen Bottles == 50 Promethium pellets + 5 Water Container => 2 Fusion Cell (330 PUh)
  • 1 Water Container => 0.4 Fusion Cell
  • 200 actions take 1000 Water Containers / 1000 Promethium Ore and create 400 Fusion Cells


  • Hover Engine to the points which get near the ground, FRONT! (hill)
  • 1 Thruster to each direction
  • Hover thrusters always point down

Blocks needed for a functional HV

  • HV Starter
  • Ground Repulsor Engine (Combines RCS, hover engine, and thrusters in one machine, no water hovering)
  • Cockpit
  • Fuel tank
  • Small generator

Heat and radiation

  • Warp core – lot of heat and radiation.
  • Gravity generator – some heat and radiation. this is not too bad, you can get away this being in a corner or alongside corridor somewhere. just not in a place where you need to stop a lot.
  • Generator – lot of heat
  • Thrusters – massive amount of heat and some radiation.
  • Fuel tanks – little radiation. if you wear light armour, you’ll be fine. much smaller than for example radiation level in omicron (3.5)
  • Warp fuel tank – some heat and radiation. medium armor is enough to protect.
  • Growth light – some heat. medium armor is enough to protect.
  • Heat/radiation is emitted one block away.
  • Walls itself don’t block heat/radiation, but they of course create space between the heat source and you.


  • The furnace uses a bit much energy when idle
  • The furnace uses incredible amounts of energy when working
  • The furnace can use your main cargo as in and out, no bad consequences

Saving as blueprint

  • Look at your vehicle/base and press alt-o
  • If you want to overwrite, make sure you select the correct vehicle to overwrite, the correct existing vehicle is NOT selected automatically

Asteroids respawning

  • In SinglePlayer: no (but you can use the console to do it, not sure how)
  • In Multiplayer: yes, respawn rate depending on server

CPU extension without CPU limits enabled

  • Should not change the gameplay, no advantage to use them if CPU limits are not enabled in the world

Cargo changes ship max speed

  • If you have a perfect ship, when you load it with a LOT of cargo, it might happen you can’t fly as fast as before. Or you can’t fly at all.

Detector on CV

  • The dedectors can not be disabled/powered off in the menu
  • The CV detector needs all the time enough energy to be a problem early game
  • Have a spot inside your ship where you put it and remove it depending on needs


  • Only you use O2
  • If you have large rooms with O2 in your ship/space station, it will not be touched until you enter the room
  • meaning: you can put ventilators into every room, there is no O2 waste

Info about blueprint (for example to find errors)

  • Console: ‘`’ (directly below escape for many keyboards)
prefabinfo <BlueprintName>
prefabinfo 'SS Quiet'
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