Escape Simulator – Rubik’s Room Randomness Guide

A hint list, followed by walkthrough, of the level Rubik’s Room Randomness!

Spoilers Ahead!


Hello everyone! Thank you so much for trying out my first level, Rubik’s Room Randomness! I’m sure this level is a little rough around the edges (hence you being here lol), but I promise to fix any errors, and keep you all solvin’ with this guide!

I have split this up into four sections, two with hints, and two with actual walkthroughs.

Main Puzzle Hints

Room 1: The Living Room

  • Be like a child, and touch everything!
  • First I’m hot, then I’m cold.
  • These are violets, not roses. Where did I put them again?

Room 2: Dice and Marbles

  • You ever watch Sesame Street? The vampire might be on to something.
  • Each die is different, but one is especially so. That may tell you where it likes to be!

Room 3: The Light’s Speakeasy

  • Be Like A Child!!
  • This has been tiring! Let me rest, before I’m truly checkmated.
  • When did we go to the moon again? More importantly, how??
  • Those tags sure are helpful, in time.
  • If the tags aren’t enough, maybe you’re dragging your feet in the wrong room!
  • The green card with question marks giving you trouble? They just enjoy sequences!
  • I don’t remember alcohol being this expensive! Guess I need to double down on saving!
  • Maybe the Lights vacationed to Egypt? Must have been a tough time! When did they go again?
  • Cheaters never prosper, unless everyone is cheating.

Room 4: Alchemy

  • If you aren’t being a child yet, then you’re playing the game wrong!
  • White is one recipe, blue is another! They don’t mix well.
  • Boy am I hungry! And SO thirsty, too, now that I think about it. I need a LOT of water!
  • I always loved children’s programming. What color was the dinosaur again?
  • Have this every day for good health. Hence not needing to go seek medical attention!
  • I want my gaming PC up and running. Do you like the band Toto? I get down to their song, “Africa”.

Room 5: Torches

  • Listen very carefully. Seems like something is in the walls! Or on them. Maybe go back and check?
  • I love knives! Seems I’m missing my ivory one, though…
  • Left to right, top to bottom. White on White, as I like things matching!

Room 6: Egypt

  • The Lights really enjoyed their trip! Seems Egypt loves light as well!
  • To get to the heart of the matter, you may need some blood, sweat/tears.
  • Look very closely. The heads seem to be fighting about where to go.
  • “The goblet poured forth, much as a fountain, to fill the hearts of many with joy.”
  • Enter the code, and the second son shall open it’s arms to reflect your acceptance.
  • The buttons will only be pressed once each for the code. Look closely to how they work! (I know this puzzle is kind of janky. Skip to the solutions section if you need to on this one. I don’t like it that much either :p)
  • Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me! (So help me!)
  • That graffiti is strange. That face looks super familiar. Maybe I should shine some light on it, assuming you pay up of course.
  • Some assembly required. (In case you don’t know, dragging items from the bottom left while in inspection mode can place them inside other items. Pretty cool, right?)
  • Inside the pyramid, can you place these symbols? I like order, and this is chaos!

Room 7: The Bank

  • This room is not required, just a bonus if you can assemble my lost treasures!
  • The name of the puzzle room is very handy here. Six are missing, with six rooms before this? Can’t be a coincidence.
  • I love cubes! The colors really mean a lot to me. Especially so with my beautiful boxes. Really turns me on.
  • Make sure to inspect the desk! Really search it thoroughly.
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