Escape the Backrooms – Entity Descriptions

In this guide, I will show you some Backrooms entities and explain the wildlife here. I am Doctor [GOV. INFO], I have many different entities lying around in some test rooms in which The M.E.G has allowed me to come to and read information on these walking nightmares.

Howlers (Bacteria)

The Howler (Otherwise known as Bacteria) seems to be a long, tall and lanky creature, it’s skin is a dark black colour, being made of metal poles, skin, bone and for some random reason: Roof wires. The entity is a class 3 entity due to it’s speed, raw-strength and it’s unique ability to howl so loudly that it can deafen people, making them deaf. And the level it is most commonly found in is Level 0.


Skin-Stealers are completely normal humans and not an entity at all! Is what it looks like but the truth is that they are fairly strong and are pale, humanoid monsters that once their victims are killed, takes their DNA and uses it to replicate the looks of that human or animal. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention they have a massive jaw with over 78 teeth located on it’s chest? Anyway, it is now classed as a class 3 entity, due to strength and the ability to look like a normal animal or person. It is found in Level 1.


Smilers are demonic creatures that have strong resemblance to arachnids, they have 8 legs, two horns, some spikes on their back and their signature look of a massive, smiling face. They usually stay in the dark as studies have shown that it likes to stay there so it can catch prey better. Class 2 entity due to speed and ability to rip apart anything easily, it is commonly found in Level 1 and Level !.


Hounds are basically dogs if they had the skin and bone of a human, and as suggested by that it looks very much like a human. The creatures have some extremely sharp teeth and it seems to have very sensitive eyes, so if you encounter one you can always use a flashlight to make it run away due to their photo-sensitivity, and just to let you know, they mostly appear in Level 3. With all the things I’ve listed, that shows it is a Class 2.


Death-Moths are massive moths that as the name suggests, are fairly dangerous. These guys basically will only go to places nearby light and extremely hot areas. They will attempt to scare you away but if you don’t move and piss them off, they will try to chase you and will either kill you or lure you into a room full of their offspring that will immediately swarm you until you cannot breathe. This knowledge makes them a Class 2 entity.


Partygoers are fairly tall entities with yellow skin covered in blood. Even though they look their happy, trust me they are only happy about you being their victim. They work like a hive, they seem to telepathically alert the nearest Partygoers if your near in which makes it easier for them to catch you. They usually kill their victims by using the mouths on their hands and then proceed to carry their victim to their “Lords” known as the Party Hosts. We know that what they do is that they feed their victim to the Party Host so that it can either reproduce a new Partygoer or grant more knowledge.

The Partygoers reproduce by using the mouths on their hands to spit out a small worm-like creature in which grows limbs and becomes more similar to the Partygoers. The monsters are a Class 4 entity that is not only living in the most dangerous levels (Level Fun and Level !) but also seems to only have one object: To kill.


Scratchers are very lanky entities with black skin and dark eyes. The entity cannot see but has extremely good hearing. We don’t have too much info on the entity but what we do know is that they kill their victims by ripping of their head, they exist in Level 10 and are easily distracted by anything, they also have are a Class 3 entity, we lowered it’s Class due to it’s blindness but that’s basically it.


Animations come in different looks, mostly being a puppet made of wood with incredible strength. They are very friendly during the day-time of Level 94 and then become extremely dangerous during the night-time of Level 94. There is only one way to avoid them in which is going into a house of Level 94 and hiding in a closet or underneath a bed. The entity worships their king, fittingly named the Animated King. A Class 3 entity that worships it’s king living in the skies, good luck hiding because they know the houses like their brain.

The Animated King

You remember the Animations I talked about 2 seconds ago who live in Level 94? Do you want to escape this Level? Well there is one way to escape the Level, in which you need to run aimlessly for miles until finding a castle on an invisible hill, a rope needs to climbed into the castle where you are forced to confront the Animated King. He is a large clown that holds a massive hammer which will immediately be swung once the lights are turned off. The clown isn’t afraid of ♥ besides from bright lights, by shooting the rays of light from a flashlight you can make it teleport away from you. The entity has only been studied through tapes and it’s confirmed to be a Class 5 entity.


Wretches aren’t actually entities but more so humans that have undergone a virus that persists through Level 6 named the WB-06 Virus. The virus will leach onto anyone in Level 6 and it will slowly but surely get rid of your skin, then proceed to make you have extremely good eyesight but at the same time start to stop the heart from breathing, making the you become the virus’ host, a corpse that can walk. Classified as a Class 2 entity and residing in Level 6.

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