EscapeVR: The Basement – Full Walkthrough + Speedrun


It’s important take EVERY object in one playthrough to get an achievement, this include every folder, screw, box and vessel parts. Let’s start:

  • Look below the bed for a origami [1/10]
  • Take the vacuum cleaner, leave on the floor and take the back part for take a key inside.
  • Open the door with the key
  • Achievement: Breakout
  • On the right, open the second drawer and take the screwdriver and in the first drawer take the next origami [2/10]
  • On the right cabinet from the computer, on the last drawer there’s another origami [3/10]
  • On the left cabinet, in the upper part there’s a blue vessel, break it and take the key from inside.
  • Open the left door with the key.
  • On the left shelf there’s the next origami [4/10]
  • Remove the boxes, use the screwdriver on the panel.
  • Before go thorugh the vent, take every object in the previous rooms.
  • Get down and go through the vents.
  • On the right, open the second drawer and take the origami [5/10]
  • On the same desk, in the first drawer there’s a dark lightbulb, save it.
  • Behing the desk, there’s a garbage can, inside of it there’s another origami [6/10]
  • On the right of the desk, there’s a painting, remove it and put the code 381
  • Take the key and open the door.
  • Behind the left boiler there’s another origami [7/10]
  • Pick one of the medium pipe and put on the other side of the room in the wall, if doesn’t fix try with another one.
  • Then, go to the previous room and there will be a vessel, break it and take the vase stopper.
  • Put the stopper on the free pipe.
  • Press the buttom of the left boiler
  • Go back to the previous room, and rotate the wheel.
  • Take the extinguisher and put out the fire.
  • Take the black lightbulb and down through the hole
  • Achievement: Into the tunnels
  • Insert the lightbulb on the bulb socket
  • Next to the dark door on the right there’s another origami [8/10]
  • Below of the numeric keyboard there’s a vent, remove it and take the key, go the lighted door and put the key.
  • On the roof window there will be a socket, you have to trow a can and give it a hit in the first try, if you fail, later in the main menu there will.
  • Achievement: Pitcher
  • Also, there will be another origami[9/10]
  • Go to the open door and replace the bad socket with the good one.
  • On the left, there is the last origami [10/10]
  • Achievement: Origami lover
  • Now, turn on the lights and put the code 67849 on the keyboard.
  • Before exit, take every single thing in the game.
  • Achievement: Inspector
  • Exit trough the door
  • Achievement: Escaped!


You have to complete the game under 30 seconds.

  • Take the vacuum cleaner and the key inside of it
  • Go to the numeric keyboard on the next room and put the code 67849
  • Go through that door.
  • Achievement: Fork
  • Achievement: Speedrun
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