Eternal Magic – Class Guide (Gunslinger, Knight, Spellblade, Priest and Assassin)

This is all class description of Eternal Magic guide to Gunslinger, Assassin, Spellblade, Knight, Priest.

Class Guide

Gunslinger Class

  • Role: phys. damage, ranged/healing
  • Armor type: light
  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Gunslinger prefers fighting at a distance and relies on light armor that doesn’t restrain his movement. From the very beginning he is accompanied by a trusty pet which assists its owner in battle. Using his set of survival skills, Gunslinger can also become a potent healer.

Gunslinger wields dual pistols, perfectly suited for keeping his enemies at bay. To avoid close combat Gunslinger employs an array of useful abilities: Slow Shelling, Stunning Bomb, Jump – which helps to immediately gain some distance between Gunslinger and his target – and Mount Trap that stuns enemies.


At level 5 Gunslinger acquires his first specialization — the Hunter. It increases the damage output of Gunslinger’s abilities and grants a damage bonus against monsters. The Swift Firing skill deals moderate amount of damage and restores mana. Predator’s Shellfire hits a lot harder, but has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Many skills are instant (Maiming Shelling, Ghostly Dance) or can be cast while moving (Death Shooting).

Gunslinger’s waking skills unleash all of his firepower to inflict tremendous AoE damage. Fire a Grenade, Flame Shell, Reset Ammunation and Fire bombing will leave no chance of survival to enemy forces, however numerous they may be.


At level 22 Gunslinger can choose to follow the path of a more support-oriented Healer. By doing so he increases the effectiveness of his healing skills while sacrificing a portion of his and his pet’s damage-dealing potential. Skills such as Healing Fog, Regenerating Salve, Increased Regeneration, Wild Healing restore wounded allies’ health and Forest Wind further enhances the effectiveness of healing.

The waking skills of a Healer Gunslinger significantly increase outgoing healing, but may require proper positioning: with Arrow of Nature you need to aim in the direction of injured allies and Spring of Nature forces the group to gather in the spell’s area of effect to receive healing.

Whichever role the Gunslinger chooses to fulfil, his extensive arsenal of abilities allows him to find a way out of any situation. He’s sure to be a welcome addition to any group, and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Assassin Class

  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Role: phys. melee
  • Armor type: light

Assassins can focus either on a disguise, stealth, and furious strikes or on poisoning and exhausting the enemy. Their gameplay is largely based on accumulating points for performing combo attacks and subsequently spending them on powerful finishing moves.

Dancing in The Shadows

This specialization boosts Assassin’s overall physical damage output, including damage done with auto-attacks. Having accumulated enough combo points with Quick Strike or Heart Strike, Assassin can then use one of the fearsome finishers at their disposal: Flurry of Blows, Shuriken, or Piercing Blow, which ignores armor.

Assassins have many tools for surviving and controlling the course of battle: they can instantly jump behind the enemy’s back, dispel speed debuffs, and use Stimulants, which increase energy production and replenish lost health.


With this specialization, Assassins can restore energy by attacking a poisoned target and greatly increase the effectiveness of skills that inflict damage over time. Fan of Knives and even auto-attacks of a Poisoner Assassin may cause the target to constantly lose health.

An experienced assassin always has the upper hand and often strikes with such quickness that leaves no chance for the opponent to use their own skills. Note that Paralyzing Blow stuns the target and damage dealt over time doesn’t interrupt its effect!

Assassin’s awakening skills allow you to throw ghostly shurikens and perform deadly AoE attacks, while the Mortal Shadow is copying your every maneuver!

With the unique ability to pick their battles and the privilege of dealing the first blow, expert Assassins have guaranteed tactical advantage over their foes. Their talent for Stealth allows Assassins to sneak up on target, and leave it no chance of victory with a single fatal stab in the back.

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Spellblade Class

  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Role: defense / mag. melee
  • Armor type: cloth

Spellblades can focus on either fire or ice offensive spells, combine them, or act as a full-fledged tank with Frost Armor, which increases armor and threat level, as well as significantly improving certain basic abilities, allowing the caster to freeze their enemies solid.

Basic attack skills of Spellblades are tied to their swords: Flame Blade or Frost Blade, Crushing Ice or Bursting Fire, Frozen Lightning or Fire Blast — an experienced Spellblade skillfully combines elemental powers during battle.

Spellblade’s awakening skills inflict crushing AoE fire damage. With the focus on Frost Armor, a Spellblade can cover their entire group, summoning a projection of a titanic ice sword that reduces incoming damage and restores health!

Spellblades have many useful skills for any situation: Northern Lights emit a bright flash, revealing and stunning invisible characters, while Flame Plate can be used to remove all negative effects and debuffs. Upon receiving elemental damage, the passive skill of Elemental Adaptation reduces subsequent damage with the same elemental attribute.

Spellblade is nimbler and more agile than a Mage and is better at spell-casting than any Knight, yet doesn’t suffer heavy armor movement speed penalty. His attacks are unpredictable and therefore – extremely dangerous. Combining fiery offensive abilities, defensive ice spells, and unmatched fencing skills, the Spellblade is able to emerge victorious in any fight!

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Knight Class

  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Role: protection, melee
  • Armor type: heavy

A Knight, clad in heavy armor, is always the first one to rush into battle. With a massive spear, they break through enemy ranks, and the shield in their hands becomes an indestructible wall, protecting the rest of the squad.

Knights can choose between Attacking and Defensive stances. This defines their specialization, but doesn’t alter the general set of abilities. Regardless of the chosen specialization, a Knight can use the Assault of Spears and Fearless Assault skills, as well as Steel Chariot which allows them to dash forward for 5 seconds, granting immunity to control effects. No one shall escape retribution!

Attacking Stance increases damage output to monsters, while Double Thrust and Holy Spear both have a chance of reducing the target’s movement speed. Attacking Stance itself is also an active skill that deals damage to the enemy and applies Breakdown effect, increasing damage dealt to the target by 20% during the next 6 seconds. Defensive Stance increases armor and threat level as well as boosting current and maximum health on use. Any shield in the hands of a capable Knight becomes a retaliation weapon: a normal Shield Strike causes physical damage, while Holy Shield Strike inflicts and further decreases the target’s resistance to holy damage. Finally, the Shield Throw skill can hit the target from a distance and even Confuse them.

Awakening skills can completely change the course of battle. In Attacking Stance a Knight can summon Mirages Phalange which annihilates enemies in a frontal assault, or unleash a series of attacks with Holy Spears, crushing anything within ten meters distance! One of the awakening skills available in Defensive Stance is the Keeper’s Shield, which continuously deals damage to surrounding enemies and reduces the damage received by the caster.

Knights are team players and possess skills that can strengthen the entire party. Placing a banner with the Messenger of War skill increases allies’ critical damage and if the ability is used again within 10 seconds of deploying the banner, the Knight will instantly rush towards its location. Knights can also fill the hearts of their followers with courage, increasing the current and maximum health with the Brave Order skill.

Gunslingers, mages and priests keep their distance, using cunning tricks or magic to avoid taking too much damage, and while spellblades and assassins are skilled melee fighters, only a Knight can stand in the face of danger like an immovable mountain. They shall not falter at the sight of the enemy! The Knights’ sacred duty is to inspire their allies and lead them to victory!

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Priest Class

  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Role: Healing / mag. ranged
  • Armor type: heavy

Priests typically wear heavy armor and wield a cross which helps focusing the owner’s faith into powerful incantations. Priests can combine offensive, protective and healing spells as they please, but can also devote themselves to a specific path, strengthening their chosen abilities with one of the specializations: Judge or High Priest.


By choosing this specialization, a Priest gains increased damage output and reduces incoming damage. By using active abilities, the Judge leaves enemies vulnerable to fire and light damage, becomes immune to knockback or skill interruption, and is able to cast spells while moving. This type of Priests can also apply seals that cause damage over time, use Holy Fire to incinerate enemies, and abruptly end any fight with deadly execution spells.

Awakened Priest draws even closer to the Light, gaining the power to summon spectral warriors or create a giant radiant cross that descends from heaven and, having reached its target, explodes, dealing tremendous damage.

High Priest

By deciding to devote themselves to protection and healing of others, one can become a High Priest. Their curative magic becomes even more effective, and they gain the ability to passively heal nearby allies, while even the most basic of the Priest’s healing skills will now have a chance to boost the attack power of pets and party members alike.

High Priests have an impressive arsenal of helpful spells, from single target and AoE healing to damage absorbing shields, meaning they can easily adapt to any combat situation.

All of High Priest’s awakening skills are AoE and some of them also bless allies with increased chance of landing critical hits.

A Priest’s presence alone is enough to instill confidence and faith into their allies. Whether inspiring followers or striking fear in the hearts of enemies, a Priest never loses sight of the source of their inner strength – the unquenchable devotion to the Light!

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