Eternal Return: Black Survival – Teen Spirit Hart Build

A Hart guide that is focused on dealing damage through auto-attacks.

Teen Spirit Hart Build


Hart has very interesting and fun set of skills to work with. Her whole kit together lacks a bit of focus, but with her gimmick of evolution points, you are able to form a concrete game plan of how you want to play.

Delay (Q)

“Hart strums her guitar, charging her sound waves. When she strums the guitar again, the charged sound waves are released. She can charge for up to 4 seconds, and can maintain the sound wave for 4 seconds. She deals more damage depending on how long she charges.”

Q is a really strong tool. In early game, hitting fully charged Q’s will but you at great advantages in fights. In mid and late game the damage will be less important and the main use will be for slowing enemies since we will be spending an evo point on this skill. The slow is great for chasing and running, and with such a short cooldown on Q, you’ll be able to apply the slow many times.

Overdrive (W)

“Hart plays a lick on her guitar, increasing her Attack Power for a certain time.”

Nothing to special with this one, just use at the start of the fight and try to keep it active as much as possible.

Flanger (E)

“Hart quickly dashes in the targeted direction. She can activate this skill an additional two times. She dashes and strums her guitar, discharging sound waves in an area around her and dealing damage to enemies hit. Her third dash is a little bit longer.”

Pretty decent mobility spell. E dashes plus Q with slow makes Hart a kiting monster. Use to control the distance between you and the enemy. Also be mindful of what other characters want to do and use E to dodge their stuff, like repositioning away from walls against Hyun or holding against Aya’s to get out of their Ult.

Peacemaker (R)

“Hart puts on a show for 5 seconds, causing all her enemies in a range around her to dance. For every second of her performance, she recovers HP. Enemies attending the concert dance and have their movement speed reduced.”

I use R as a fight reset. Pop it when you don’t like the direction the fight is going. The duration of R will give you a chance to get your cooldowns back and heal a bit from food on top of the R heal. Of course your opponent will also be healing from food which is a real bummer. Half the time I use R it feels useful, the other half it just feels like I am delaying the inevitable.

Love&… (D)

“Release a sound wave in the targeted direction to draw your enemy to the music, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and making them move towards the user.”

Really powerful spell. Not much to say. If you can land it then you have two seconds free to do damage, reposition, or line-up a charged Q. Also be aware that it has a long cooldown so don’t waste.

Feedback (Passive)

“If Hart deals damage to an enemy with a normal attack, she recovers SP.”

A rather silent but useful passive. With this passive on this build, you won’t have to worry too much about you SP.

Skill Order

What I do is a bit wonky. I favor points in Q at the start because in the early game it hits hard. Then after I get my purple guitar I max out W for auto-attack power. When W is maxed out I put one point in passive to help out with SP regeneration, if you manage your SP well and craft drinks all the time don’t worry about putting points in passive. I then max out E to lower the cooldown significantly because you are going to always want E available. Then, if I ever get there I’ll finish up maxing out Q and passive. I also level up R whenever I get the chance, but there is for sure an argument to ignore R completely after picking it up at level 6. The power per point is R isn’t incredibly useful, so if you want more combat power, go for it. I like putting points in R to reduce the cooldown, I feel much safer starting some fights when I have my R up.

Evo Points

First point into Delay (Q), the slow is a very, very important part of the kit, I would probably recommend the first evo point going here no matter the Hart build.

Second point into Feedback (Passive), an auto-based build deserves more auto-attacks. I think the Extra Normal Attack Damage provided by Teen Spirit affects the extra bolts, but I’m unsure.

As for the third point I like to also put it into Feedback (Passive) for more bolts. There is a case for putting this point into Overdrive (W) for armor shred, since this build will do 0 damage against armor stack, but I haven’t done enough testing to really see which one feels better. For now I like having the two extra bolts per auto.

Build / Route

The Build

Teen Spirit
Crystal Tiara
Optical Camouflage Suit
Uchiwa / Emerald Tablet

It’s pretty much just every equip slot’s crit chance item.

Teen Spirit was my first choice of guitar because of how easy it is to get. You can get all the way up to Wild Horse in Avenue and quickly finish it off in temple.

I mostly played this build because of how quick and easy it was to get everything I need. I don’t think this is the strongest six items you could have, but 90% it should get you into late game, and hey 2nd place gives LP too, usually.

Crystal Tiara, Radar, and Bucephalus were chosen for having crit and attack speed.

Optical Camouflage Suit also has crit but is also very easy to build with the all the shattered glass we have its quick to make in alley.

Uchiwa was chosen for the lifesteal, its not the most important item to get, but if you are lucky, it’s an easy pick up in pond, if not you can wait on it, or even find a replacement.

Emerald Tablet is shiny and cool looking, legendary accessory. With all the planned bear kills we have its not a bad idea to try to go for if you don’t mind the tax on inventory space.

The Route

The part of the build I am happiest with is the route that goes with it. The route is fast and laser focused with a good amount of back-up plans when things go wrong.


Standard start, just grab everything on the check list as fast as possible. After picking up one Battery and one Oil you’ll already be on Wild Horse. Having a blue weapon plus exp from crafting will ensure you are not weak in a fight at the very start if need be. Extra things to look out for that is not on the check list is Playing Cards and Honey. Collect Honey to craft with two of your waters, this will give quick exp and early game sp regeneration. Holding onto Playing Cards gives us a better chance of having an accessory we want once we hit pond. You should have all you need with a good amount of time left in the first daytime.

Exit into pond this way.


Pond is a very quick stop in our route and honestly can almost be straight up skipped if need be. In alpha pond was used to get water, but now that you start with water the only things here to get is Ribbon and/or Flower. Since we don’t want to spend pretty much anytime in pond, you only check the boxes that are on the way to temple.

Follow this path:

If you are lucky you’ll pick up a Ribbon, granting you Uchiwa and freeing up inventory space. Less lucky but still good, if you don’t end up getting a Ribbon but pick up a Flower, you can craft that with the Playing Cards from avenue to make Flower of FateFlower of Fate is nice since it gives stats we want and does much more than the Fan we picked up for Uchiwa, and it also sets us up for getting Emerald Tablet later in the game.

Exit into temple.


Now that you are here it should be around less than a minute until night time. The main thing we want here in temple is the Buddha Sarira so we can craft Teen Spirit. You must find the Buddhist Scripture here, so keep that in mind if temple is closing first. You’ll also want to pick up Paper here for Radar later. After you complete Teen Spirit you are going to want to fight this bear.

I tend to ignore the boars here, but if it is night and they give you trouble, feel free to take them on.

Exit into alley.


In alley we are going to be looking for items that build our Optical Camouflage Suit plus an extra Glue for Radar later. What we also will do in alley is clear out all the bears if possible and two packs of wolves. Alley is also the best place for us to pick up Lighters, so try to fit them into your inventory if you can.

This is the path you are gonna wanna take through alley.

If you have gone this whole time without fighting any other player and you killed one bear in temple, by the time you get to the second pack of wolves you should obtain your weapon skill ability.


In this area you’ll be able to finish off your build. Collect your last materials and craft the last of your items. If you still need Ribbon for Uchiwa look towards Uptown/School; Uptown is preferred because of bear spawns. Without any major disruptions build should be finished by night of day two.

Late Game

Now at full build the next thing you are going to want to do is farm bears for mastery, experience, and material and work on your food crafting and supply. If you made a Flower of Fate at the start of the game, hunting bears will give you a chance to get Force Core, which will get us Emerald Tablet. Food is hard to handle while on the route, because your inventory will be full, so now that you are done it’s a fine time to start getting a good food supply. At the very least you are going to want some Steaks using MeatRocks, and Lighters. Though if you can manage to get some Heated Oil try to make some French Fries or Stir Fried Ramen. Along with bears and food, keep an eye out for Wickeline for a guaranteed Force Core and the Wickeline buff. And of course look out for other players.

What if my areas get closed down

The worst thing that can happen in this build is taking a long time to get out of temple and alley getting closed off day 1. With enough time alley is still reasonable to go through even if its closing, though it does add stress. If alley is for sure not an option, use the teleporter in temple to go to docks to get Full Body SwimsuitScrap MetalLightersRubber.Take bears in dock. Move to factory for Glue and move to chapel for Piano Wire.

Temple or avenue closing should not be much of an issue because you should be done with those areas before day 1 ends. Though, if temple is closing be sure not miss out on Buddhist Scripture since you can only pick it up there.

If hotel closes, that’s a bummer but not awful. Look towards dock / factory to pick up Scrap Metal and from there you can movie into chapel, uptown, and beach for Piano Wire. You like being in dock and uptown anyway for bear spawns.

Power Spikes

So assuming you are getting through this route on time, there are a couple of points in this build I feel the strongest and might look to start a fight with a player if I notice danger signs on the map. Picking up kills is a great way to accelerate yourself towards late game and you’ll definitely want as much power as possible when facing down enemies on the final day.

First Power Spike

Right away in avenue when you are able to craft Wild Horse. Throw in a bit of crafted Honey Waters and you should be around level four. At the very least you should be able to walk around avenue quite confidently and not worry to much about getting bullied out. If there are people in avenue and they are looking to fight you, you’ll already have two evolution points one in Q slow and one in passive bolts. You’ll have the damage to fight and the slow to keep them from running.

Second Power Spike

Getting Teen Spirit is a nice power spike. You are now on your strongest weapon and have all three evo points. After you kill the bear in temple, starting any fight at this point should give you access to your weapon skill, which in itself is a strong power spike. Though I don’t like wasting time at this point, after temple I just want to clear out alley as fast as possible. After I take out all the bears and wolves in alley and get my Optical Camouflage Suit I’ll give a glance on my map for danger signs and snoop around if I see anything happen. If not I’ll just head on over to hotel.

Third Power Spike

And then finally at the moment I hit full build I feel strong. Once you get the stuff you need in hotel, you spend like 45 seconds crafting the last of your stuff. Purple boots, purple head and golden arm all done with a nice boost of exp too.


The idea of this build is that the route is easy to move through and should get you to full build with little troubles. Getting a quick full build is going to put you at an extreme advantage over those who don’t have a focused route and wander about. I don’t necessarily think this combination of six items is the strongest you can have, but it has enough power to push you into late game.

I played this exact build/route A LOT in the alpha just because of how comfortable it was for me to play it. As of now I’m looking into other stuff and experimenting more. Satisfaction always looked like the better guitar to me, but picking up Laser Pointers is such a pain. And Creed of the Knight seems like a necessity if you are going full crit. Plus these two items provide more attack power meaning I’ll get more value out of W.

Created by Ratboy Engineer

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