Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Changing the Speed of Time (Cheat)

Is the driving too boring and slow for you and you want to go faster or slow mo? This guide is for you.

Warp Command

This command makes your whole game faster/slower!

Except the game Menu and UI.

You need to enable console. There are guides to enable it somewhere on the internet.

After you’ve done that, press “~” to open the console and type this command.

Note: Dont make it a high number like 999999. Who knows what might happen to your game or PC.

  • warp [number] (1 is default time speed)
  • warp 2 (2x time speed – game is faster)
  • warp 1.5 (1.5x time speed)
  • warp 0.5 (half time speed – game is slower)

This is quite fast but you can still control your truck.

  • warp 3

G_Traffic Command

When going super fast, traffic might be hard to dodge.

Here is a command to remove it. There are also addons on workshop to remove traffic.

  • g_traffic [number] (1 default traffic rate)
  • g_traffic 0 (no traffic)
  • g_traffic 2 (double the rate of traffic)
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