Ever Adventure – Mount System Guide

Mount System Overview

Mounts in Ever Adventure has multiple uses. First and foremost, they help the player get around the map faster, and it looks cool. Second, increasing the total stars of your mounts can add extra Core Attributes to your character. Finally, when you add mounts to your stable, you grant your character additional stats and skills. Collect powerful mounts to help you overcome your enemies. Finding a good combination of mounts to put in your stable is also a good strategy to improve your character. 


Players can choose to ride mounts they already possess, after which they gain a speed boost.

The more mounts you have, greater the speed boost. You can go up to an extra 60% movement speed!


Mounts have their own stats; different mounts have different types of stats. Higher the star level of a mount, better its stats. A player can use materials to increase a mount’s star level. Additionally, the total stars you have in your stable, the more Core Attribute is added to your character.

Mounts come in qualities of Normal, Magical, Elite, Epic and Legendary. You can increase a mount’s quality using its soul stone. This also improves the skill effect of the mount.

Put Mounts you have unlocked into the Stable to transfer stats and skill of the mount to your character.

Wisely choose your mount and mount skill to excel in combat.

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