Ever Adventure – Skill System Guide

Skill System Overview

The skills in Ever Adventure are heavily related to class. Each class also has 3 branches of Specialization which has its own basic attack and 8 skills as well as a respective Talent Tree. Each skill also has 3 runes that can be chosen for specific and diverse effects. The player needs to choose the best combination based on the challenges and battles ahead. Specializations counter each other and work in mysterious ways, all waiting for players to discover. 

Specialization and Skills

Each class has 3 branches of Specialization, the first is available right from the start at character level 1, the second branch is available at level 20 and the third branch at level 40. Each branch of specialization is unique in its own way and the choice is all yours. 

Each Specialization has its own basic attack and 8 skills, as well as a perk.
You can only choose 4 of the 8 skills to equip as active skills, so choose wisely.

Remember to activate your perk to make your skills extra powerful and effective.

Upgrading your skills require skill points, gained by leveling up or from Hero’s Trial. The max level of skills is level 5.


Each Specialization has corresponding Talents, each Talent Tree has 6 Talents. Talents can increase the attributes needed for your Specialization.

Each Talent Point can activate a Talent, you can gain Talent Points from level up and Hero’s Trial.


Each skill has 3 corresponding Runes, Runes can bring additional attributes to the skill such as damage increase, duration increase or range increase, disrupt enemy spell casting or even pull an enemy to your side, just to name a few. 

You can only activate 1 Rune at a time, check the box to the right of the Rune to activate it.

When facing different opponents and challenges, consider switching up your Rune settings to get the desired effects.

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