EVERSPACE 2 – Best Ship (How to Choose)

Best Ship?

I really like the striker and seems one of the best ship class from what I’ve read. I can do everything with it: superior high risk areas, platinum time in races, right now I’m only at Zarkov system but I’m gonna test it out in the endgame, eventually.

Very useful if you get the 20% slow on locked on targets, <300m distance disables enemy shield regen and +30% booster when locked on by missiles (the 3rd one imo is a must for hard activities since you’ll always have missiles chasing you so it’s basically a pemanent buff which applies to manuevering thrusters as well). Grabbing drones, IDK…is there a use for it?

Very useful ULT if you face many resistant ships.

Other viable alternatives imo which I tried:


For a lot of primary fire. I used this before switching to striker bc it’s not exactly the best ships for racing (handles like a fat whale). Use a rail gun with range extender catalyst and you can oneshot a lot of ships from relative safety. Flak is really good too.

ULT is a 20s duration turret (try to get it as either pulse laser or coil gun, it’s a passive).


Summon drones and let them fight for you (there’s a weapon attribute which can increase dmg dealt to enemy hull by 100% for a few sec, that’s perfect since it works for drones too).

The extra drone and 20%+ weapon dmg for a few secs if one gets destroyed passives are a must IMO (damaging drone explosion which slows down enemies seems good too).

Works well in high risk areas and is the fastest heavy ship.

Nice ULT for when you need to focus a single target like bosses.


If you want to spam secondary weapons without ammo limit (they now have energy reserves like primary weapons), and as they said above, turn cruise missiles into nukes (kinda reminds me of GOF2 AMR Liberator missiles) and have the most shield, armor and hull of all classes (but is also the slowest class). Never tested in high risk areas so idk. I’d probably turn it into a walking minelayer for that. Missiles would miss way too often, probably.

Its ULT is basically the BFG 9000, so try to get the perk which increases its dmg by 2% for each sec the orb is flying (if you cancel it, it will detonate early, careful where you shoot, believe me).

Haven’t tried the other classes yet. Need more $ and garage room.

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