EVERSPACE 2 – Vanguard / Striker Tips

Vanguard and Striker

For people who think poorly of vanguard and striker:


Vanguard is small, very nimble and fast. It can double the shield power, if you fly above top speed. You can use dampeners off to constantly recharge the shield, and it will charge even faster if you activate cruise mode.

You can use tricks like dampeners off+ energized boost to quickly recharge shields to double power. It’s ULT is slow motion – the best option when you want to solve the damn puzzles or need a serious advantage in a tight brawl. Your enemies will move slowly, the vanguard not.

It was my favorite device in Everspace 1


The lord of speed. It’s expertise is increased boost speed. Up that stat as high as you can, and see how it dances. boost with dampeners off with this guy is ludicrous. But you have always to watch out for collisions.

The striker can dive into a mob, activate the ULT – quantum tether – and spread damage all around. Then, it can speed up and run away whenever it wants.

It’s not a boss killer – that’s the interceptor role – but against mobs, its THE best.

It’s my favorite ship.

Created by Johnny Hazard

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