Evil Dead: The Game – Ultrawide Fix

Here’s an easy guide to making Ultrawide work.

How to Make Ultrawide Work on Evil Dead: The Game

  • You need HxD editor. Search on google – «HxD – Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor – mh-nexus»
  • Open EvilDead-Win64-Shipping.exe with HxD. Path: \steamapps\common\ED\EvilDead\Binaries\
  • Click Search>Replace>Hex-values
  • Search for 3B 8E E3 3F

Replace with any of these below depending on your resolution:

8E E3 18 40 for 3440x1440;
00 00 A0 3F for 1280x1024;
CD CC CC 3F for 1440x900;
26 B4 17 40 for 2560x1080;
39 8E 63 40 for 3840x1080;
9A 99 19 40 for 3840x1600;
00 00 A0 3F for 4120x1024;
39 8E 63 40 for 5160x1440;
AE 47 A1 40 for 5292x1050;
AB AA AA 40 for 7680x1440

Example for a monitor with a resolution of 3440×1440


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