Evil Genius 2 – Traits Explained

In this guide i try my best to figure out what traits does and post what i learn how reliable my guess is might vary. I was never good at grammer or layout of texts so i do my best, somebody probably make a better guide then this in the future pss sorry for the silly picture i forgot to take a good one and need to find something on my PC in a hurrty.


  • Bad back: makes your minions lose health when they carry stuff.
  • Talks with the dead: makes minions ignore bodybags.
  • Fast learner: takes less to train.
  • Dumb: loses smarts faster.
  • Healthy: loses vitality slower.
  • Disloyel: loses morale faster.
  • perceptive: is harder to fool by disguises.
  • Sickly: loses vitality faster.
  • Poor shot: I think it makes them either worse at hitting with a gun or makes them do less damage.
  • Crack shot I think it makes them either hit more or damage more with a gun.
  • The ones with the fist icon like strong jab: I think they make them do more damage in melee.
  • Fear of needles: I think it makes either not want to work in the infirmary or makes them not want to heal in one or both.
  • Globetrotter: I think it makes them want to go out on schemes.
  • Thick skin and owns armor and feels no pain: I think both of them gives the minion a damage reduction.
  • Loves sleep: I think there faster at sleeping.
  • Voilent: I think it makes them better at fighting not sure how.
  • Vulunteer: I think they don’t need wages.
  • Inpatient: I think it makes them run faster.
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