Evil Genius 2 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Few Tips for Evil Genius Veteran to Get You Ready For Your First Playtrough

Some of the tips are stuff i learned from first game, and some of Streams and videos alone.

  1. The biggest tip you can get, Build rooms adequate to their equipment, be smart while doing it. It means that you wont use 50×50 room for ONE white board and then complain you have dont enough room, you can shape even existing rooms easily, adapt to what you need. Not what YOU THINK will be “just enough”
  2. Watch out for money, and also dont get yourself “more money” when your vault is full, remember it has its limit based on how big it is. So remember not to waste “tasks” or send minions on a mission with full wallet.
  3. Extingiushers are your best friends, if you think you dont need them you can easily lost whole base props because FIRE. IS. SPREADING.
  4. Corridors and their placement is very important for:Traps, Rooms Space, Agents of Justice confusion. Use this to your advantage, plan THOSE ahead.
  5. IF it is like in first Evil Genius 1, super agents can kill your Henchmen, so watch out for them.
  6. Happy minion is loyal one. Try to keep their morale high for sake of them not deserting your evil organization so you have to hire new ones.
  7. This time around if you send someone on mission, they wont come back, think twice if you can spare extra minions
  8. Keep a healthy balance of minions. lower level minions still have their uses not just within your base but are required for acts on the world map. If its like EG 1 then lower tier minions will be needed in greater numbers for higher tier schemes.So keep your minions trained and up to the task.
  9. Keep training in mind. related to the above as keeping this balance will mean a healthy stock to train from when higher tier minions are consumed by schemes or killed defending your lair. This is important as higher tier minions are trained from the previous tier not from workers. So if you replace all your guards with hitmen and then lose a bunch you have to train a batch of guards first then retrain your hitmen.
  10. Big tip when building a room: Start small and leave room to expand. Control room and power rooms are best example. Unless you want 5 or 6 different power rooms, leave room to expand as you need more generators. Might be a good idea to have multiple power rooms mid to late game so saboteurs can’t take out all your power in one shot. My best advice on building corridors is make twisty corridors and lots of 3 way ‘T’ stops instead of 4 ways. Easier to put up cameras and Guards for full coverage.
  11. Holding CTRL and tagging an agent (tag for Capture, Distract Or Kill) will tag all the agents in the group as well. Again, not sure if this is returning for EG2, but it saves a lot of time, especially when you are being invaded by a lot of agents.
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