Evil West – Ultrawide and FOV Fix

How to Fix: Ultrawide and FOV

Evil West Partial Ultrawide fix (Still has small amount of vertical pillarboxing but no horizontal pillarboxing) + FOV increase.

Solution – No Cheat Engine Needed

Partial Fix (Horizontal Pillarboxing Removed, but still has some Vertical Pillarboxing) and FOV increase.

Open HighMoon-Win64-Shipping.exe in HXD (Hex Editor).

Search around offset 01735C90 and 01735CA0 for hex values 42 34 83 E0 01 and change it to 42 34 83 E0 00.

To increase FOV, search for hex values 35 FA 0E 3C (around offset 03F7B840) and change 0E to something larger for example 4E to increase FOV.

Save and exit!

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