Ex-Zodiac – Data Location Guide

Location for all the Data chips in the game.

Data Chip Locations


Early into the stage, these large enemies walk in. The second one of those has the data.


In the second half of the stage, after exiting the cave and fighting a laser UFO, four jetskis will appear from the front. The middle-left one has the data.

Euclides Belt

Somewhat early on in the stage, a line of four laser satellites will fire from the top. Last one of those, in the back, holds the data.


After fighting with the eye-pyramid miniboss a bunch of small pyramids will start spawning in. One of them has the data.


After the checkpoint, a school of orange fish jumps above the water. One of them, slightly to the left, has the data.


Right after the first ‘rail cop’ shows up, this drone thing does as well. Shoot it for the data!

Created by June Flower

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