Exoprimal – Murasame / Witchdoctor / Skywave / Nimbus Exosuits Guide


Aout the Exosuit

An Exosuit equipped with a massive blade. Uses the blade’s reach to block and counter enemy attacks.

  • Role: Tank
  • Primary weapon: Giant Katana
  • Health: 700


Unleashes a slash combo using your massive blade. [Left Click] to perform a melee attack.

Crescent Moon

Draws and swings your blade forward in one swift motion. Dinosaurs hit by the attack will target Murasame. [Right Click] to perform the ability.

Strafe Hook

Throws a grappling hook that will pull you towards whatever it’s latched onto. Press [Q] to perform the ability. Press [Space] to perform an Extra Jump. Press [Left Click] while airborne to perform a Falling Attack.

Vajra Counter

Guards against attacks from all directions. Guarded attacks turn into energy, which can be unleashed in a powerful counter using [Left Click]. Press [E] to perform the block.

Meikyo Shisui

Charges and unleashes your blades at high speed to cleave surrounding foes. Press [Left Click] to activate the attack. When fully Charged, Press [Z] to activate the Overdrive ability

Rasetsu Stance

Receive a set amount of damage during a Vajira Counter to temporarily boost Murasame’s attack strength. [Passive ability]


Aout the Exosuit

A support suit that synergies well with allies. Its abilities Focus on Repairing and buffing others.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary weapon: Magic Rod
  • Health: 400

Neuro Rod

Uses the electric current from your staff to inflict continuous damage to enemies in front of you. Can paralyze dinosaurs. Hold [Left Click] to zap


Heals allies and boosts their movement speed. Can be used to steal energy from enemies and fully charge the Neuro Rod. Also limits enemy movement. Press [Right Click] to perform the ability

Repair Leap

Sends you barreling forward at high speed.Press [Q] to begin leap, Press [Space] for an additional jump.

Repair Field

Produces a field that continuously heals all allies located within it. Press [E] to deploy the repair field.

Vital Aura

Releases a huge amount of condensed Hi-Xol that fully restores all allied health and greatly boosts defense. Limits nearby enemies’ movement. When fully charged, press [Z] to perform the Overdrive ability.


Press [Space] in mid-air to glide.


Aout the Exosuit

A support exosuit that can fly in the air. Equipped with abilities that can hamper enemy movement.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary weapon: Magic Rod
  • Health: 400

Aether Lance

Fires light projectiles that explode on impact. These projectiles heal allies and injure enemies. [Left click] to fire a projectile.

Optics Jammer

Fires a special shockwave that jams/blinds foes and heals allies. [Right Click] to fire the shockwave.


A verticle spinning thrust that sends you up into the air. Shifts to Air Supremacy after activation. Press [Q] to fly up.

Graviton Cage

Fires a gravity cluster that pulls in all surrounding foes. Press [E] to fire the projectile.


Undoes your gravity control limiters to generate a gravity well. Warps and slows spacetime to briefly stop all enemy movement in the area. When fully charged, press [Z] to perform the Overdrive ability.

Air Supremacy

Press [Space] in mid-air to float, dramatically slowing your descent. Press [Space] again to cancel.


Gradually regenerate health when not taking damage. [Passive ability]


Aout the Exosuit

A highly mobile support exosuit with weapons that can switch between damage and healing modes.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary weapon: Twin Handguns
  • Health: 400

Mars & Apollo

Shoots single-fire projectiles from twin handguns. Inflicts damage to enemies in Rend Mode, and heals allies in Mend Mode. Hold [Left Click} to fire

Mode Switch

Switches between Rend Mode and Mend Mode. Switching modes also reloads your weapons. [Right Click] to switch weapon modes

Holo Warp

Projects a forward-moving hologram. It cannot attack, but will recall allies it hits. Press [Q] to warp to its location and heal nearby allies. Press [Q] to deploy ability


Calls forth your weapons and unleashes a barrage of firepower or healing depending on the current weapon mode. Press [E] to activate the ability.

Antipode Burst

Generates a shockwave of condensed energy that heals allies and repulses enemies. When fully charged, press [Z] to perform the Overdrive ability.


Gradually regenerate health when not taking damage. [Passive ability]

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