Expeditions: Rome – Loot Locations

Some Loot Locations

World Map

There are 2 interactable object, a column that gives 50 xp (I usually get it after the warehouse mission) and a chest in the south part. Will usually contain 1 weapon and maybe an armor piece.


Part of the Golden Sickle: I have Mainly in the battle with the group outside of the warehouse (the reinforcements). Fight them first and you should get a good chance of getting the drop. Sometimes I need to replay that beginning part of the mission to get the drop. But its an easy enough fight and even if someone goes down they don’t get injured.


  • Chest 1: If you enter the warehouse area from the bottom (close to the reinforcements where a hoplite and untrained dude are), quickly to the right in the corner in between all the big crates there is a small chest.
  • Chest 2: In the middle on a platform that you get to using a ladder.
  • Chest 3: On the pier in the bottom. You can get down to the beach and then walk around (under the big crane) and there is a pier. At the end of the pier there is a chest.

Dock Mission / Using the Greek Fire

After you get through the gate but before you get to the crate to activate the mission, there are 2 big crates you can loot that contain supplies and money. First one is on the way to the crate, the second is up the first flight of stairs.

After the battle, there is a chest in between the 2 ships on fire. And there is another on the pier next to the first ship on fire.

Last Mission of the Demo

There are crates and chests all around the edges of this map, mostly on the buildings, plus all the extra bodies that you can loot. Take your time and walk all over moving the cursor over every body and chest/crate to see which gets highlighted.

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  1. I thought I’d looted everything, but I had no sickle parts. Reloading it after completing the demo just puts you at the end of the last fight, but there’s no way to go back to the campaign map and revisit locations. Hopefully we’ll be able to go back and check once saves are transferred to the full release.

  2. 1. When you come back to warehouse after completing greek fire mision u can find gold talisman in burned pile of corpses.

    2. Before u send legion to attack town, u can go to mainland and explore whole map. U can even do some quests in Temple of Apollo 😀

  3. Yeah, it will drop pretty confidently sometime while you’re in Asia Minor (the first campaign), but folks like to play and already have it by the time they leave the prologue island. Harpe dropped for me first time I did the last mission in the demo.

  4. So getting the sickle is clearly random as i did not get it from that map. Seems that special items like that should always drop from a given place and not be a random miss if it just does not drop.

  5. Guess what? The V helped me to find the 5th chest when your on the map to get the Greek Fire. Actually, those three big buildings each have one that is in it or near it so that totals 3 and the one that is near the tree and camp fire on the table and lastly the one on the Pier which totals 5 chests to loot on that map.

  6. Yeah, I noticed that about the bodies and which are lootable. Still get decent loot sometimes. In my Princips run I managed to get 3 different amulets, while with my Triarus I got 1, and my Veles 0.

  7. Good read but there’s four chests. The 3 that you mentioned and the 4th is on the table near the camp fire between those two buildings (where the fight is) and where the Greek fire Building is.

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