F.E.A.R. – Resolution Change

Changing Resolution

If the game crashes, go to the Exe file in your Steam-> F.E.A.R. folder and set compatibility to windows xp service pack 3.

Then type the following into the launch options for Steam by right clicking on the game in your library and copy and pasting below which resolution you want in the launch options.

[540p windowed]
+windowed 1 +ScreenWidth 960 +ScreenHeight 540

[720p windowed]
+windowed 1 +ScreenWidth 1280 +ScreenHeight 720

[900p windowed]
+windowed 1 +ScreenWidth 1600 +ScreenHeight 900

[1080p windowed]
+windowed 1 +ScreenWidth 1280 +ScreenHeight 720

[1920 windowed]
+windowed 1 +ScreenWidth 1920 +ScreenHeight 1080 (press windows key after launch, double click top bar to fit to screen)

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