Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Hex-A-Gone: New Air Stalling Strat

A brief overview on a new way to stall time on each hexagon platform using the diving mechanic. Recommended for players that have a decent understanding and control on the game’s platforming physics.


When you’ve got a decent amount of space to yourself in a round of Hex-A-Gone, you’ll definitely want to make each hexagon around you last as long as possible. Players recently have very commonly done this by timing jumps between each hexagon right before they vanish to stall for time. But as of very recently, I’ve been experimenting with jump-dives when possible to stall just a bit more extra time on each platform. I’ll go into how to consistently pull this trick off, certain situations where it’ll be most useful, and what to watch out for when trying this.

How To

You can basically jump-dive to each platform without needing much forward momentum to land on each hexagon. Between diving and your bean recovering back on their legs, you have a small window of time to jump after every dive. While it may seem like it doesn’t save that much more time, being able to consecutively pull it off with many hexagons can really make a difference in how much time you can stall.


Throughout the time I’ve been using this trick, I’ve noticed 2 main situations where it’s been most helpful:

  • When you’re on a floor higher than every other player, leaving all the space to you to air stall and look below to plan where to land next
  • When you and another player are on your own islands trying to outlast each other, this trick helps you make the most of each hexagon on your island much better than the usual jumping strat

There may be more situations where this can definitely be used to help, but those two listed above are where it really counts.

Watch Out

While this trick can prove to be very helpful, it’s also incredibly risky with even the slightest mistake or wrong application of this trick in a scenario. Here’s what you’ve got to be careful with:

  • Don’t overshoot the distance of your jump-dive, as it’s very easy to land on 2 hexagons at once, wasting an extra hexagon. You want to make sure to always land perfectly on one at a time.
  • If you need to make a jump across a gap, it’d be best not to jump-dive before the gap jump since you’ll lose all your momentum while recovering from that previous dive.
  • Avoid air stalling with the jump-dive if other players are really close, as they might get the jump on you by cutting off your path, stealing your hexagons, or even running into you and causing you to collapse and fall
  • Timing the dive correctly after the jump is key. If you dive too early or too late out of the jump, you may not get the most out of each air stall. (Refer back to the video for the timing)
  • You’ll want to avoid turning around in the opposite direction after a jump-dive, since too much turning after getting up from a dive will cause your bean to take a longer time to recover on their legs, most likely causing you to fall through the hexagon without being able to jump out of it

And that’s about it from what I’ve learned with this trick! It’s my first guide, so this is probably very bare bones compared to others, but I hope I was able to present this strat in a clear way!

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