Fallout 2 – New Players Tips

Tips for Newbies

You want a good advice? Tag Lockpick, it will save a lot of time, then tag either Melee, Unarmed, or Small Guns. Ranked from the easiest to hardest start for a new player.

Finally tag either Outdoorman or Speech, at 95% Outdoormans skill you have 95% chance to avoid random encounters, and Speech is self explainatory if you played other Fallout games.

I even have a a great build in my guide to make you breeze the early, I recommend that in my build you swap Heavy Handed with Kamikaze, Small frame or Gifted even but you wont have insane melee skills right at the start of the game.

Get a minimum of 6 Perception for a great weapon at the start of the game, talk to the bridgekeeper of Arroyo.

If you wish to have followers, you need to know that its entierly based on your charisma/2.

With only 2 Charisma for exemple only a single follower can join you. Imo, the perfect sweet spot is 6 Charisma, you will earn a charisma point through an implant later on and you can find Sunglasses that will add a +1 Charisma too.

Aslo, the only drug in game that can increase your charisma is Mentats, you can take only two times the same drug and Mentats give +1 Charisma (as well as bonus in Intelligence and Perception). If you want another free follower, you can take the Perk called Magnetic personality which can increase your total follower count by 1.

Have fun!

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